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7 New Business Ideas for Women to Start Business

The orthodox Indian society is always putting a barrier between men and women from the very past. Now in the 21st-century women are not just making an equal position with men but are also capable of doing a lot of things alone successfully. Nowadays educating and empowering women is making a lot of good changes in our society.

It is making women equal, safe, strong, respected, empowered, and courageous. Empowering women in the field of business and giving them support not only making them self-reliant but also putting a good impact on the nation’s economy. Here in this article, you will get to know about some new business ideas as well as the funds that are provided to women to start a new business.

Empowering Women in Rural and Urban Areas

Various government schemes making rural and urban women become empowered by starting their small businesses. It will help them to manage their houses and fulfil their requirements. They can start the business on an individual or in a group basis. Below there are some small and simple business ideas that women can perform.

7 New Business Ideas

  1. Small scale manufacturing units
  2. Flower farming
  3. Kirana stores
  4. Tailor shops or boutiques
  5. Livestock farming
  6. Opening a small café or food truck
  7. Beauty parlours

1. Small scale manufacturing units

There are a lot of small-scale manufacturing ideas that an individual woman or a group of them can perform. Work like making incense sticks, making candles, preparing varieties of spices, making pickles and papads, making biscuits and other dry tiffin items, etc.

2. Flower farming

Whether it’s a wedding ceremony or any other rituals or functions, flowers play a very important role everywhere. It could be a good idea to start simple flower farming by planting them and taking care of them. They could become a retail supplier to the flower shops.

3. Kirana stores

In this Covid pandemic situation, the Kirana stores are playing great adaptability over people. As we can see now that women are also contributing to different shops as owners, it could be a great idea for them to start a Kirana store or retail store in their locality and provide household things.

4. Tailor shops or boutiques

Tailoring is the most adaptable and convenient work for women to do. With a little equipment and skill, it will be good to start a business for them. They can uplift their business by adding some more fashion skills and designing dresses for women and kids. They can also access the required accessories with the clothes. This will make them attract more customers.

5. Livestock farming

Whether it is providing milk or providing eggs and meats, livestock farming is now a widely accepted business with a much more profit. This is a very good option for women to get involved in it. Dairy farming and poultry farming are now trending as a business, but goat farming is also putting an equal impact on the agricultural field.

6. Opening a small café or food truck

Businesses in the food sector are the most famous ones worldwide. If you are good at cooking and love to serve food then it is a good idea for urban women to start a small café or food truck in their locality. It is also applicable for the women to open small tiffin centres or small hotels as per their convenience.

7. Beauty parlours

The beauty parlour business is the most common yet profitable business for women to start. This business needs some equipment and some skill to go. You can even start this at your home.

Loans that are provided to women for starting their businesses

For starting a business, funding is the most important thing that is required. There are various government schemes as well as different banks that specifically provide loans for women to start their businesses. Several other institutions provide loans for different businesses, specifically for the Kirana store loan as vendor financing. They not only provide loans but also provide a proper strategy for how to grow business with profit. You can also apply for a loan online.


Nowadays women are proving themselves in every sector. There is no field in our society where women are not contributing their significant identity. With proper training, encouragement, and funds, they can also prove themselves in the field of businesses and manage them well with their efforts and hard work.

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