How to add Floating Skyscraper Ads widget

Ads widget or a gadget are additional space for adding ads and just like adding links, images, short content, social media icons, etc… in empty space in the blog.

What is the Floating Skyscraper Ads widget?

Here first you understand the Floating Billboards skyscraper term, it is vertical things (text, image, ad, etc…) which are like Twin towers, but in the case on the internet when we say skyscraper we using in content, images, Ads, etc.. like we write long content to occupy the number one ranking position in a search engine, here we use vertical Ads banner for displaying some ads to earn extra revenue from our blog.

Why we need to add the Floating Skyscraper Ads widget in the blog?

Guys if you make a blog using Blogger and you use the default Blogger theme in your blog then your blog has some left and right side space, now we going to use that space to make some extra money, now we just insert the Skyscraper ads widget in blog both side, you can insert AdSense or Affiliate ads vertical image banner in floating skyscraper ads widget, now let’s start.

Now here I give floating Skyscraper Ads widget code you just replace the AdSense or Affiliate ads code with the Blue text and you can change the floating skyscraper Ads width and height just by replacing the number in Red text.

Above I give you my demo blog link, where I enabling floating skyscraper ads, in the Ads widget you can adjust the widget height & width according to your vertical image banner ads, as you see in the first line code where I mention the height & width attribute.

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