Why Are YouTube Videos Going Black?

Why do YouTube videos go black? This is a question many people have asked themselves, especially when they notice that the video is no longer viable after 10 seconds or so. The reason is that when the video is designed to play on a specific browser, it can often appear blacked out, even if you have the right settings on your browser.

When YouTube was launched, it was to provide people with a new way to communicate online. Millions of people log on each day to watch videos, many of which are humorous and entertaining. The idea was to make it easier for people to share their favorite videos with their friends and family. Unfortunately, this was also to create a situation in which someone could upload a video that was offensive to any member of the public.

For a time, YouTube tried blocking individual videos, but ultimately it was found that the same videos would reappear hours or even days later.

Find a way to make the videos available to the general public again.

As a result of this problem, it became necessary to find a way to make the videos available to the general public again. There were a few different options that YouTube had to offer, but the most popular solution by far was to allow people to watch videos in “hd” or high definition. High definition video produced by YouTube is able to display better images, providing people with a clearer picture than what they had when the video was initially uploaded. For some individuals, watching a video in HD makes all the difference. Why do YouTube videos go black in this situation?

When you watch a YouTube video in HD, your internet connection will generally have to be faster than it is for a video that was recorded using a lower quality. In order for YouTube to be able to show you an HD video, the connection has to be fast enough to download the entire thing in a single second. If your internet connection is just a little bit faster than the speed at which the video is being downloaded, the video may play, but it will be black. This is not a major issue, but if you are getting close to the end of the video and realize that it is taking too long, it can become annoying.

The reason why YouTube videos sometimes go black 

The reason why YouTube videos sometimes go black in other circumstances is due to a process that is referred to as “loss of connection”. Under certain conditions, YouTube may be experiencing a loss of connection with one of its servers. This can occur either while your computer is being used or while your internet is simply downloading a large file. It is normal for your computer to make connections to the website on occasion, but if it cannot connect at all, the video will become black as a result.

Another potential reason why YouTube videos can go back is if your internet connection  is suffering from a high amount of congestion. If you are attempting to view a video on YouTube, but are constantly being told that your internet is busy, it could be due to the number of people who are trying to visit the site at the same time. In this instance, a slow connection will cause the video to be played slowly or even not at all. Again, this is normal and there is nothing you can do to resolve the issue.

If you have taken the step to watch the YouTube video on your computer, regardless of whether or not it goes black, there is still an easy way to get it back online. Many people have successfully used YouTube’s “Deleted Video Manager” feature to extract the video from YouTube and get it back up again. You can access the “Deleted Video Manager” by clicking the gear icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Once you are in the “Deleted Video Manager”, you will see a selection of different things. Clicking on the “Open/Save” tab will allow you to locate and save the video that was just deleted.

If none of the explanations above make sense to you, don’t feel bad for asking your internet service provider about it. They are more than likely going to tell you the reason as to why YouTube videos can go black. The most common reason that these videos fail to load properly is due to internet service providers attempting to repair a connection. When you are on dial-up, the speed of your connection is often so slow that watching YouTube videos online can take an eternity. As with most things, paying for better internet service may solve the problem. If not, simply resort to the other methods outlined above.


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