How to get a perfect stubble?
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How to get a perfect stubble?

Every decade has its own style. And I think it’s safe to admit that sporting stubble is the contemporary style. Be it someone who remains clean shaved or a bearded man; I think almost everyone likes to sport a fine, five o’clock stubble once in a while. And the best thing about getting the perfect stubble is that it’s completely doable at home.

Unlike specific haircuts, you can totally get the perfect five o’clock stubble without visiting any salon or stylist. All you need is to buy the trimmer/shaver according to your needs. For instance—if you want the shortest stubble, a regular trimmer won’t do the job. You have to do proper research and get the shortest stubble trimmer

Okay! Readers, let’s begin with how to get the perfect stubble. 

See, the first and the most obvious step is to know what exactly is a stubble. I know this sounds silly and unnecessary. But, let me tell you. There are many around the world who don’t know the difference between a stubble and a three-day old beard. I know both may appear the same but trust me, their difference is huge. 

Stubble is a minimalist beard style with light facial hair. And with the help of the right grooming tool, people are being creative with the lengths and uniformity. While some like to keep the same length all over the face, some customize the length on preferred areas, such as chin and upper lip. 

Again, stubble may seem messy in a fashionable way but three-day old beard is all about giving a disheveled look. Dear readers, please don’t make the mistake of considering three-day old facial hair as fashionably messy because, honestly, it’s not. It reflects more a message like too-lazy-to-shave. So, after knowing what stubble is, it’s time to know the length you want. 

Let me clear a fact: stubble isn’t a beard. In short, it is small strands of facial hair. 

When it comes to length, I mostly ask people to go with whatever length they are comfortable with. I tell them to buy a trimmer with multiple lengths and test it out one by one. But if you ask my opinion, I would tell you to try the popular stubble lengths—3 mm, 5mm, and 10mm. Again, 3 mm is the most popular one amongst the three.

There are even surveys and studies done on this subject and most studies found out that women prefer men with 3 mm stubble over other men. Probably, it is the reason why men from all over the globe prefer this length. 

3 mm stubble is also called the 5 o’clock shadow. It’s subtle and widely preferred by man. Personally, I don’t think that one should choose a style because women prefer it. It should be something that you like, and most importantly, that goes with your face and personality. But the question is how would you know which length would suit you? And the answer is as dull as an untrimmed beard—experiment. 

I think the best way to find what you like is to experiment with every option. Why not grow a long beard and start cutting a stubble length every week? This way you can find your friends and families’ reaction and also get to see which length would suit you. 

The next step towards getting the perfect stubble would be picking up the right grooming tool. And it narrows down to electric shaver vs beard trimmer. The question is: which one is fit for me? 

I think a man should always pick his grooming tool based on his needs and necessities. In this case, the need would be shaving/trimming your hair. Therefore, I suggest you study the thickness and density of your hair and pick the grooming tool based on that. For example, if you are someone whose hair grows faster than other people, then you should pick an electric shaver to get the perfect stubble. It is most advised to shave one night before to get the perfect 5 o’clock look. But I would suggest, you shave and see how many days it takes for you to get the exact look you desire. 

On the contrary, if you have light facial hair and it takes time for you to grow a beard, I would advise you not to shave. Instead, you should keep your beard for a long time. In the meantime, use beard trimmers and keep trimming your facial hair. If you do so, you will eventually have dense facial hair. It may take some time but the result is worth the wait. 

Once you have picked up your preferred tool, the next step is to relax and try things out. My point is: be creative. Be sporty and be as creative as you can be to get the perfect stubble. On top of that, I think you can also try to have several lengths when it comes to stubble. For example, I like my moustache a little longer than my stubble. And I have also tried having different lengths of stubble. I think that both looked cool. So, I recommend you be as creative as you can. Remember, it’s part of the journey to get the best stubble.

The next tip that I have is: clear the lines. Yes, you read it right. I am talking about neck lines and cheek lines. If you ask me what makes a disheveled beard look different from a properly groomed stubble, I would say the neckline and the cheek line. Especially, when somebody wants to sport a good moustache, I think clear cheek lines make it highlight your facial hair. Similarly, a clear neck line helps you define your beard in a more appealing manner.

Here, you need to understand that facial hair doesn’t grow evenly. Not only that, sometimes, I end up finding that my stubble grew up to the end of my neck. And, let me provide you with a little reality check—it doesn’t look good. Even if you have a really good stubble, without a clean neck line, it won’t look good. Your efforts will go in vain. Therefore, it’s very important to use an electric shaver almost regularly to shave your neck and keep it clean. 

The next point is food. See, it might seem very out of the context for you. But food can make all the difference. Before I jump into talking about food, I am going to give you a little background check on why it’s so important. As you may already know that testosterone levels affect your beard growth. Let me remind you here: this food part is for folks who struggle to grow a decent stubble. So, if you are someone who is struggling with facial hair growth, the problems can be for two reasons.

One—it’s probably genetic; second—your testosterone levels may be scarce. What you can’t do anything about is definitely your genetics part, however, you can naturally induce your testosterone levels. Especially, by changing your diet. I suggest you eat food that are rich in vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc. You can also try eating nutritious foods in general. This will not only keep you healthy but also help you in maintaining a good stubble. 

On top of everything, there is lifestyle change that can help you grow the perfect stubble. Ask yourself: do I have healthy sleeping habits? Do I drink enough water? Do I eat too much junk? Am I stressed out? 

I know most articles on growing beard would never talk about lifestyle changes. But this is what that directly affects one’s hair growth. And by hair growth, I am talking about stubble, as well as hair. Trust me; issues like hair fall, rough hair, and unhealthy hair strands all can change by this small initiative from your side. 

Also, stress is one big factor. Not only facial hair, it can change your whole face. Besides making your face appear less attractive, it can also make you look unhealthy and sickly in the long run. Some men end up having dark circles and severe hair fall (including facial hair) due to stress. My point is: if you want a good, healthy looking stubble, you better keep your stress levels on check. Try to have fun, hang out with friends once in a while. In addition, you can meditate or exercise to reduce stress levels. 

The next and last tip to get a good-looking stubble is to use the right oil, shampoo, or other products. In other words, try providing nourishment to your facial hair. There are oils in the market that you need to apply on your beard before going to bed. You can do that or you can try using suitable lotion to keep your skin soft and your stubble smooth. Moreover, you can go for home remedies. For instance—I applied coconut oil on my beard for a while. And let me tell you, the results were amazing. In short, try nourishing your facial hair once in a while. 

To summarize, if you follow all the above instructions, I am sure you can get the stubble you want. Just one last tip: don’t panic. It will take some time but its worth the wait.  


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