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Effective Tips to Take Proper Care and Repair Your Boots and Shoes

Shoes are an integral section of the wardrobe and everyday fashion! Restoration of favourite pairs can be done by the incorporation of shoe repair service in London. Otherwise, you must have a shoe care kit for its daily maintenance.

It contains cotton clothes, waterproof solution, shoe polish, applicator brushes and so on for your everyday shoe care. But in case you need to repair the pair, then follow the below-mentioned tips to get it done effectively.

  • Proper storing of the shoes
  • Keep regular cleaning of your favourite pair
  • Make use of shoe care kit
  • Steps for polishing leather shoes
  • Steps for repairing shoes
  • Always get quality and branded shoes

Proper storing of the shoes

Shoes should be always stored in a dry and cool place. It is better to store them either on shelves or in cubies. In case, you have limited space, shoe bags are ideal to use for proper storage. You will be able to hang the bags behind the doors. Otherwise, the shoebox has to be labelled so that you can identify the specific pair easily.

Before storing them it is highly advisable to clean them on a prior note.  Tissue paper, old newspaper and shoe tree can be stuffed into the shoe to retain its original shape in the long run. Shoe trees are quite affordable and easily available and thus ensure the actual shoe shape after using them multiple times.

Keep regular cleaning of your favourite pair

A sprinkling of the waterproof solution on the new shoes is really proven to be efficient. It will make the surface marred resisting it from being soaked in water and rain.

Odour problem can be dealt with by using other materials like drops of alcohol or tea tree oil as they combat best against the fungus. Sweat can be prevented by putting on a sock liner or hose before you slip your feet into the boots or shoes.

Make use of shoe care kit

To ensure daily proper care of the boots and shoes, you mandatorily need a shoe care kit. It comprises leather cleaner and suede cleaner to clean the shoes as per their material types. Even polish and cream are contained in the kit which comes mostly in the usual colour of the leather of the shoes. Other components of the kits are a horsehair brush, liquid cleaner and suede brush.

Steps for polishing leather shoes

  • Use horsehair brush for cleaning and dusting off the shoes
  • Put off the shoelace for polishing its upper surface by picking a small polish amount on the brush
  • Let it sit overnight or leave to get dried up for at least a few hours
  • Now buff the pair with the brush again for making it lustrous and shiny

Steps for repairing shoes

1. Reattachment of the sole of the shoe

At first, take a damp rag for dusting off the loose dirt from the bottom part of the shoes especially the soles. Then leave it for a couple of minutes to get dried up completely. Now take a 40-60 grits sandpaper for rubbing and scratching up the loose sole and bottom of the shoes.

Application of glue should be done to fix the loose sole to its bottom followed by hammer pressing. Fix a clamp there so that the sole holds firmly against the bottom of the shoe for about an hour!

Once the time period gets over, remove the clamp to check the final position. In most cases, it gets back to its own position otherwise necessary steps will be taken further by the shoe repairing expert.

2. Fixation of stains and scuffs

Use an eraser for removing pencil mark for removing the scuffs from your suede pair. All you have to do is to rub very gently until the scrapes get disappeared. Also, petroleum jelly is advised to use for the elimination of scuff from leather shoes.

Pour a scoop of it on a cotton ball and gently rub over the scuffed areas on the shoes. Consistent rubbing forth and back will make the scuffs vanish after some time. Any kind of stain can be easily removed from the leather shoes by using a mixture of salt and vinegar.

Always get quality and branded shoes

Every time you step out for picking a good pair of footwear, you should opt for quality and hand-made shoes. Only quality shoes are tailored by using correct materials like rawhide, suede and leather.

These will cover your feet protecting them from the harsh condition and offer optimum support to your heels. Also, with quality shoes, you will be able to manage lots of wearing and tearing. They can be your favourite companion in the long run if proper care can be ensured.

If you are looking for a shoe repair or dry cleaning services in London then you can contact Master Dry Cleaners. The company is receiving online orders for repairing your shoes efficiently with both pickup and delivery facility every nook of this metropolitan city.


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