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Generic Medicine Online | 5 Myths uncovered

Do you think Generic medicine online costs less hence they must be of low quality or they are less effective!!  We will reveal what’s the truth behind these Myths and remove the curtain from your eyes so that you can buy Generic Medicine online safely and surely 

Here in this article, we will bust these myths you may have about Generic medicines: 

Myth #1

“India is the largest producer of generic medicine; chances of duplicate are high”

Myth Uncovered

Yes, it’s true that India is the largest producer of Generic medicines because our country does not have as much research infrastructure as foreign companies or countries have. But when it comes to producing generic medicine, do remember that India also exports its manufactured generic medicines to the U.S.A. So, there is no such thing as duplicate medication. There are quality checks before any product is moved to market. 

Myth #2

“Generic medicines online have less active agent and hence their cost is less”

Myth Uncovered

Generic online medicine has equal quantity of active agent as its branded medicine counterpart has. And it’s been told by the FDA on their official website that it costs less because some company already made its effort to make that medicine. 

Myth #3 

“I should buy the branded version of medicine as generic medicine online can be fake”

Myth Uncovered 

Remember, a brand always catches the eyes of the customer due to its widespread advertising. The company has spent lots of money on Research, development, marketing & promotion. So, the cost adds to the final product. Whereas the generic medicine is only re-produced. 

Myth #4

“There is only specific company that manufactures generic online medicine in India” 

Myth uncovered

When the patent of patent protected drugs expires. Many local medicine manufacturing companies take the opportunity to get the medicine formula and start their production on a larger scale. This boom in production & competition leads to low prices of that drug. 

Myth #5

“ I can have side-effects by taking generic online medicine, but branded medicines are safer to have”

Myth Uncovered

There is literally no difference when it comes to medicine’s raw material for generic medicine as well as for branded medicine. Both types of medicine will have the same type of effect on the patient’s body and hence, medicine should be taken under proper guidance of a professional doctor. 

So, these were the 5 myths that are uncovered now. You may be wondering, where can I get Generic medicine online? Here is the best platform you can use to save on Medicine bills and buy online medicine

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