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Guide for choosing the best IP Camera price in Pakistan

IP Camera

To monitor our businesses and homes, we need cameras for example CCTV analog cameras, digital cameras, etc. There is a type of digital camera called Internet Protocol camera commonly referred to as IP cameras that directly connect with the internet by using software installed in them. Here we will give you a guide on the best IP camera price in Pakistan and tips on buying guide.

How to choose an IP Camera?


For getting a reliable and affordable product it is essential to have good features that can add cost overall but are worth it as the product can serve for a longer time. This price range varies with each built-in feature, features like built in WIFI camera, weather proof, built-in storage and higher pixel are available at the best IP camera price in Pakistan.

Decide place of installation

Before you select your camera it is important to decide where you are going to set it whether you want it outside where bullet-shaped can be a great choice as they are vandal resistant or you need a camera for indoor purposes where any camera like WIFI Camera or dome shaped camera can serve the purpose.

Affordable available IP camera price range in Pakistan

The price range of IP cameras varies depending on the number of units mounted and the type of CCTV cameras installed. hikvision 2mp ip camera price in pakistan are the reliable, professional, and Full-featured HD 1080P Video Resolution camera. This is a network dome-shaped camera with a 2.0 megapixel that gives a clear image and zoom-in ability.

Different types of IP cameras

  • Bullet Camera
  • Dome Camera
  • WIFI Camera
  • PTZ Camera:

Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras are named because of their bullet shape although they are not vandal-resistant and easily visible by onlookers but offer flexibility in installation, these CCTV Hikvision IP camera price in Pakistan is low and affordable like you can view 2mp IP network bullet camera that gives full HD 1080 p resolution, 2 megapixel, and 30 meter IR range.

Dome Camera

Cameras like Hikvision dome-shaped camera is the most weather-resistant camera one can found because of their dome shape and there is also a low probability of getting damaged in case of an incident. They are vandal resistant as they are small and discreet to point out.

WIFI Camera

A WIFI camera in Pakistan comes with a built-in WIFI feature. This feature allows this camera to connect to different electronic devices like mobile, table, laptop etc. WIFI Cameras are best for indoor location because they don’t have any wires except power adapter.

There are many suppliers of WIFI camera price in Karachi. Although they also sell wired CCTV cameras a WIFI camera price in Pakistan is much lower than a wired camera. Moreover, a camera’s cost doesn’t only depend on the market price of the camera. Major factors like installation and maintenance also play a vital role in assuming the total cost of a camera. In which case a wireless camera price in Pakistan is much less costly.

PTZ Camera:

Pan tilt and zoom cameras are robotic cameras that allow the operator to control them remotely. These cameras serve a variety of purposes as they are not only used for surveillance but also other things like video conferencing and sports broadcasting.

Things to consider while buying IP Camera/WIFI Camera

  • Updated software
  • Password setting
  • Encryption feature
  • Is it important to have an NVR?
  • IP Camera advantages over other cameras

Updated software

Keeping software up-to-date is the most important thing to consider to keep yourself away from technical trouble. While you are buying make sure to use the most recent version.

Password setting

Unless you don’t want to share the information publicly it is best to turn on and reset the password setting before installing the camera and make sure to use a strong password so no hacker can break-in.

Encryption feature

Always enable your encryption setting option because encrypted data is always a safe option when you are transmitting any information through the internet so no intruder could encode it.

Is it important to have an NVR?

If you only have 1 or 2 IP cameras then it is not necessary to have a network video recorder as IP cameras have SD cards that can keep recordings or you can simply install a WIFI Camera but it is recommended that at a larger place where IP camera quantity is high NVR is the better options that can keep the previous recording safe in case the camera is stolen or damaged.

IP Camera advantages over other cameras

IP cameras have better resolution power than the normal CCTV cameras that minimalize the need for having lots of CCTV cameras at one place where one IP camera can serve the purpose that reduces the overall cost.

There are other areas as well in which IP cameras outweigh the benefits over CCTV cameras that are providing dim light visibility and digital zoom in which is not normally present in other cameras because of this, in case of any mishap such as robbery it is easier for you to investigate the most little details.

If you want the best IP camera price in Karachi or overall Pakistan for your residential or workplace then visit the list of brands that we offer at our list of IP cameras


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