Brides for the Holidays

Brides for the Holidays

The winter brides with their fur stoles, red berry bouquets, and snowy settings are our absolute favourite. You might think that after years of dry cleaning and preserving wedding gowns we would get tired of them, but the opposite is true! We still ooh and aah over the lace and beadwork that comes through our doors.

Moreover, these specifics are abundantly available to winter brides. We’re not complaining that winter brides go all out; they’re clearly inspired by the season’s inherent splendour. There is a time and a place for understatement, but a marriage celebration during the winter holidays calls for something grander.

Some beautiful winter brides are as follows:

In case you missed the not-so-subtle hint up top, we are experts at preserving and cleaning wedding gowns in the Greater Toronto Area. You can rest assured that your most precious garment will be handled with care and returned to you in pristine condition because we are members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. Visit our Wedding Gowns page for more information on how we clean wedding gowns.

Three Festive Attire Options

Although cocktail dresses seem to be the norm for holiday parties, pants may be more practical if you’re not a fan of dresses or if you’ll be sitting on the floor with young children. You shouldn’t second-guess your decision to wear pants because they can be more comfortable, more easily styled, and sometimes even more daring in terms of fashion.

There are a plethora of ways to reimagine pants for a holiday party if you’d rather not wear a dress before ironing service.

Slim-fit leather pants and a loose-fitting top

When paired with a beautiful party-worthy top, leather pants (or leggings) give off an instant air of sophistication. You should probably cover your bottom if you want to look somewhat put together while wearing leggings. Try dressing it up with some high heels and a hefty necklace.

flared pants and a crop top

There’s no better time than the holidays to give the crop top trend a try if you’ve been eyeing it but been unsure of how to wear it. Mix a crop top with some structure or a boxy shape with some high waisted, loose-fitting pants. It will be aesthetically pleasing and functionally balanced. It’s not necessary to show a lot of skin for this trend to work, but if you’re going to a New Year’s Eve party, it’s fine to do so. The below ensemble was selected because we think it is what you would want to wear to a holiday drinks with friends. However, you might want to consider wearing a jacket.

Modest, bodysuit-clad silhouette

It may be risky to wear something so form-fitting during the holidays, but if you’ve been good (or if you just don’t give a hoot) a bodysuit and skinny pants create a stunning silhouette. Even without any other accessories, this number has the potential to be a blast with the addition of some killer heels.


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