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Class 10 Maths Board Exams Preparation Tips

Maths is a high-scoring subject that can have a major effect on the overall percentage. You can score 100% marks in Mathematics with meticulous preparation, under the guidance of experienced teachers. Practicing a lot and attending mock tests are the commonly advised methods to imbibe the formulae and speed up the answering.

You must learn and practice the lessons, the day it is taught in the class itself. Tuitions under professional teachers and academies would render a phenomenal improvement in your performance. Class 10 Maths board exam preparation tips may be followed to learn the subject thoroughly, attend the exam without any tension, and score well. Today live personalized class 10 CBSE maths tuition is available for students to maximize their score in the Board Exam.

What is the Class 10 Maths Board Exam?

10th standard Maths Board exams are just around the corner. It is time to get your preparations in place. As a student, you must be clear about the topics you need to focus on and the syllabus that is going to be tested. A board exam is a type of test that students take in order to get their final certification for graduation, and it is usually used as a requirement for entrance into the workforce. Boards exams can be taken after finishing high school or by those who want to continue their education at a college level.

Preparation Tips for Class 10 Maths Board Exam

Last-minute preparation can turn haphazard and must be avoided at any cost. As it is said, slow and steady wins the race. Study bit by bit and understand the basic concept thoroughly, to make the preparations smoother.

1.     Awareness about the Question Pattern

Get to know the question pattern before you dive into Maths preparation. Awareness about the important chapters and the type of frequently asked questions will put you on the right track. Focus on the portions that carry more marks than those of low importance, without neglecting any topic. Does it sound confusing? Obtain the help of professional tutors if you are unable to judge the way ahead. Knowledge about the Mathematic syllabus is also vital.

2.     Memorizing the Formula

Maths is a game of formulas. You are out of it if you fail to memorize the formulas. Note down the formulas in one place and memorize them. Constant practice is a helpful method to remember the concepts and formulas.  

3.     Fix a Timetable for Maths Preparation

Having a proper timetable in black and white is a productive method for studies. You should not presume a study time and think of following it. Such an imagined study schedule is not going to materialize. You must prepare a firm study schedule and abide by it if you are serious about class Maths board exam preparation. Remember to allow time for other subjects as well.

4.     Practice Question Papers

In addition to attending to the questions given at the end of each chapter in the NCERT book, you must try solving additional questions from the subject topic. Practice the questions as much as possible. It will cement the concept and formulae in your brain.

5.     Grasp the Crux, Teach Others

This might be a seldom-tried learning trick. Here, you would be teaching the others who are finding it difficult to imbibe the basic concept and learn the formulae. Teaching others will etch the idea stronger in your mind and would be beneficial for you. Further, it would improve your reputation among your peers.

6.     Group Preparation

Nobody is perfect in all the subject topics. Everyone has weak, as well as, strong areas. Group preparation is a method to overcome such shortcomings. Discussion and debates will reveal the intricate aspects of the concept and aid you to get into the depths of the subject/ topic/ portion.

7.     Previous Years’ Question Papers

Once you have prepared yourself well for the exams, it is time to visit the previous years’ question papers. Repeated practice of the same question is also advisable. The practice will help you to understand the type of questions and the way to approach the exam.

8.     Several Mock Tests

Attend as many mock tests as possible. The mock exams will strengthen your confidence and assure you about your performance. Nonetheless, you must make sure that the exceptional preparation doesn’t make you overconfident. It can have a negative impact on your performance.

9.     Reduce the Involvement in Social Media

Social media can be a destructive influence on anyone’s life. The time spent on social media platforms is generally wasted and it will not give you any positive results. Moreover, some messages may cause anxiety and worry. Reducing the usage of social media will offer you more time for preparation and keep you focused. In fact, you may keep away from social media apps in the final days of preparation.

10.   Solve Easy Question First

All students can use this approach in any subjebct. If you start attending hard questions initially may take out a lot of your time which is not a wise idea at all. So the ideal approach is to solve easy questions first, thereby saving your time and you could invest that time in the tough questions.

11. Confidence and Optimistic Attitude

Never allow stress and tension to start controlling you. It will do more harm and no good. Be confident that you have prepared well and you can score good marks in Maths and other subjects in the 10th board exam. The optimistic attitude is the foundation for all successful achievements.

The Tail End

Join any reputed online coaching center for proper preparation for the class 10 board exam. A regulator, who would monitor, guide, and advice, is necessary to keep you on track. The professional tutors will also give you tricks to remember Maths formulae. Feedbacks from the teachers will offer insight into your capabilities and areas where you lag. Additional efforts may be put subsequently, to enhance the preparation.


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