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5 Places Where You can Use Decorative Laminates

Decorative Laminates are thin sheets of wood glued together, used to cover surfaces of various things like furniture, walls, floors, and ceilings. Laminates give things a ravishing look, making them look a thousand times better. It also adds strength and muscle to the products. There are plenty of laminates’ designs, colours, shapes, and types.

Every modern house décor includes laminates these days. It gives their house a posh outlook in an effortless way. If you want to settle on something which is almost woody, laminates are the right choice for you. The technology and manufacturing process makes the laminate hardy. It is affordable and easy to maintain and use.

  1. Based on usage, laminates can be of two types –

  • Decorative laminates – used for decorating purposes to give things an elegant and more appealing look. It is usually 1 mm thick and cost-effective.
  • Industrial laminates – these are used in industrial applications for industrial uses and thus are thicker, stronger, and costlier than decorative laminates.
  1. Based on thickness –

  • Regular sheets – these are 1 to 8 mm thick and are mostly used on furniture or plywood.
  • Compact sheets – these are 3 to 33mm thick and can be used directly without any support.
  1. Based on the surface finish –

  • Solid coloured – these are uni-colour and are mostly seen used in kitchens desks.
  • Gloss finished –has a glossy touch, mainly used in restaurants and hotels
  • Matte-finished – these are matte finished and quite the opposite of glossy. They are also harder than gloss-finish Matte-finish laminates are used in professional spheres such as schools and office desks.
  • Textured – these have many patterns; you can almost feel them. It is also a mixture of many colours.
  • Woodgrain – these laminates give the woodiest look than others, and are also very durable, can be used for laminating floors
  • Metal laminates–these have a metallic look and are best used in both commercial and residential buildings.

Since talking about laminates, it is important to know that laminates are actually quite popular and are almost used in every house. You can buy laminates from CenturyPly, which produces the best laminates in India.

The 5 most common and usual places where you can use decorative laminates are –

  1. On furniture –

Laminate sheets are popularly used on furniture to give it a better look. Laminate sheets are also heat-resistant and water-resistant, thus giving the furniture more strength and durability. Since laminate sheets come in different shades and colours, there are many options to choose from. Matte-finish laminates are best suited for furniture.

  1. Shelves –

Laminates are best when used creatively. Laminate sheets are used to make shelves for keeping things and books. With their elegance and usefulness, laminate sheets provide a perfect balance to keep things and also make them look purely creative. You can choose any quirky design or colours for your shelves.

  1. Cabinet –

We all want to have a home bar of our dreams but often cannot do that. But with laminate sheets, you can fill your cabinet not only with your drinks but also with different shades, thicknesses, and colours. Laminate sheets in the cabinet make it look more striking and stunning. Little partitions by laminate sheets also look good when it comes to decoration and planning.

  1. In the Kitchen –

Your ultra-modern Kitchen of the dream will remain incomplete without laminates. Today every house has a modular kitchen of its own, with perfect marble, appliances, and cutlery. But the key to a better-looking kitchen is laminates. Modern kitchens are the most aesthetic and stylish part of the house if you can design well. CenturyPly has the best-offered laminates for each kitchen cabinet design. The kinds of laminates that go with the kitchen interior are acrylic finish, textured finish, glossy finish, matte-finished, and membrane finish laminate sheets.

  1. Door

You can also use laminates for your door to give it a unique design. There are many laminates which come with amazing designs. Using these on your door will uplift the whole look of your house.


Ishita Garg