What You Need to Know About Elastomeric Coatings

What You Need to Know About Elastomeric Coatings

What You Need to Know About Elastomeric Coatings

Do you want a no-expiry solution to protect your buildings from water? Are you tired of renovating damped walls and cracked roofs? Your building needs elastomeric waterproofing that serves as a protective barrier against water.

Elastomeric waterproofing coating is made out of an elastomer. It is a flexible yet thick coating made out of a polymer that has elastic properties of a natural rubber. It is also commonly known as elastomeric waterproofing and applied like a paint to waterproof roofs, walls, and other spaces exposed to water.

Here are the important characteristics of elastomeric waterproofing material you need to know about:

  • Provides Watertight Membrane:

It is one of the main advantages of elastomeric coatings. The elastomeric waterproofing on your roof prevents moisture penetration. It is a suitable material for surfaces such as concrete, masonry, stucco, and many more.

  • High Density:

The elastomeric waterproofing is 10 x thicker than regular paints. You can notice the difference once it dries out. It is applied in liquid form, but when it dries it hardens and bonds to the structure. Yet it remains flexible, bending, moving, and flexing as the structure underneath moves. This means it can bend and flex with the wall or roof underneath in climate changes.

  • A Cost-effective solution:

Do you know why completely tearing off your roof is a very expensive endeavour?

Because it takes long hours of labour work to remove your existing roof. It also costs a lot to transport your existing roof material to a nearby landfill.

Besides, if you choose to restore your roof. You can use an elastomeric waterproofing coating and save money by:

  • Saving on the future bills
  • Eliminating the need to tear off your roof
  • Saving on the labour costs

Installation of elastomeric coating includes necessary repairs to your roof.

  • UV And Weather Resistance:

Are you in the market for a new roof and expect the most return on your investment? Elastomeric coating delivers a waterproofing membrane. It protects your roof from UV rays, bad weather, and fire.

Protection of your roof against the sun is very important. Because the damaging rays of the sun are the major cause of roof failure. The consistent heat radiation from the sun causes your roof to dry out and become brittle. Thus, applying a highly reflective elastomeric coating to the surface of your roof will provide you with lower maintenance. Plus, it will work around the clock “sunblock” for your building structure. Alas, increasing the lifespan of your roof.

  • Great Elasticity:

Elastomeric coating is the best waterproofing solution for your roof. Because of its elastic properties. Such as

  • 600 per cent or more stretch
  • Resistance to weather change cracking
  • Good adherence if painted over.

Moreover, if you are good with regular maintenance, it can deliver long performance lives.

  • Leaks and Cracks Bridging:

Are your walls and roof subject to cracks and leaks? The elastomeric waterproofing is an effective solution for you! As it helps restore the sustainability of your building structure.

Since it is durable and prevents existing damage from worsening. You can apply it to your roof during any season. Its components form a strong bond with the surface. Thus, providing a strong membrane across the structure.

Remember, it is a must to apply elastomeric coating around your roof’s protrusions. Such as vent pipes, drains, and electrical and refrigerant raceways. After application, the coating will join the seamless surface. Thus, ensuring maximum durability and water resistance.

Tips For Applying Elastomeric Coating:

Make sure you carefully follow the tips to ensure the application process goes smoothly:

  • Apply the elastomeric coating over your roof on a sunny day
  • Select a day that is nice but not too hot
  • If your roof is severely damaged, it is best to hire a professional.

Be sure to stay off the roof until the elastomeric waterproofing membrane is cured. It usually dries out within a day or so. However, your roof may take a week to be fully cured in perfect weather. But if it rains, it may prolong the process for a few weeks. To be safe, you should plan on staying off the roof for a month!

Wrap Up:

Do you need help with your roof replacement or maintenance? Contact a roofing professional, Ressichem. Our professionals will provide you with a cost-saving and long-lasting solution.

Our experts will:

  • Power wash your roof clean, so all seams are visible.
  • Treat all the seams and bridge all the cracks
  • Identify all areas of saturation
  • Replace saturated areas with the same material
  • Apply the elastomeric waterproofing material all over your roof

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