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How Technology can Help Personalise the Virtual Event Experience

Now the definition of the event has become changed due to the covid-19 pandemic. Now event does not only mean social gathering. It can be virtual. Virtually hosted events are also known as virtual events and different industries use them as a powerful marketing tool.

It offers a great platform to accommodate all over the world to meet and create a thread of network for multiple objectives starting from business to marketing. With a great transformation of events, the subject through which events are frame lined and bring on board the complete experience which had also transformed.

The transforming procedure may include amazing speakers, extravagant doctors to melt the icebreaking session. Attendees now search for an ice-breaking unique event experience that panders to them, especially event planners now look for a way to customize the event experience in an approach that makes it unique and engaging for their attendees.

Do most people ask that how to personalize the virtual event experience? The answer lies down in two different facts such as Events & Technology. Technological advancement allows event planning optimized and simplified for us. With the help of technology, we are offering some ideas to create a personalized event.

You must remember that digital events should be more attendee centric.

Have a look at attendee convenience through event application

Mobile application for events is definitely gaining publicity within the industry due to its positive aspects. Event application is a great approach to customize the event experience and focus on each attendee individually.

Each attendee is allowed to download their event application and create an individual profile on their mobile application. Therefore, organizers can send personalized notifications.

Some event application integrates features like virtual assistance in the format of social media associated chatbots which allows the participants to search through the event, generate their custom identity that makes network with more detailed approach. In this matter, attendees can visit other attendee profiles, generate meetings, connect with fellow colleagues, and much more.

The entire experience is designed according to industry requirements. It is the benefit of their own event app.

Use Tool to generate and interactive platforms

Beacon is a great event tech tool that gains rapid publicity. Beacon is made up of different types of advanced features. It directly connects with the attendee’s associated device Bluetooth. Organizers use the beacon to create an in-person-like event experience for the participants.

How to use Beacon

  • Organizers install a beacon at their platform which links with the attendees’ personal devices. When attendees come to the region of Bluetooth where the beacon is presented, the organizer will exhibit custom messages like “Hi ABC, Nice to meet you”. The organizer came across the personalized event experience in a customized manner. Now wearable beacon has become very famous. It has become the blessings of advanced technology. Now the technology has been used in a versatile way to develop individual attendee experience.

How to engage and facilitate attendees with wearable technology

Wearable tech has become much applicable these days. It is just like a basic hand band that can be checked upon access to wearable gloves at the Winter Olympics 2018 that was utilized for installment, it’s an interesting device to tailor the occasion insight for participants.

GES2017 event has used wearable tech. Organizer offers a wearable tech device that tracks which count the wearable steps they take to reach the event venue. Participants track how much they can explore the complete event space and the part that they have been so far neglected measured by the wearable device. It reflects the data of the event and attendees’ approach towards it.

It offers exciting features along with a lot of dun. Wearable tech devices are highly affordable, so event planners use them to personalize your event experience.

Personalized and implemented event swag

Custom event swag can be personalized by knowing the taste of your attendees. To make your event successful, just pen down the choice of your attendees. Use to create event swag that attracts each participant. Which makes your event more saucerful with the organized event. Here you can use wearable tech to drive out the exact event swag. GES event is this kind of event.

The personalized virtual event provides customized swag which works with individual attendee data which convinces the event planner to maximize individual attendee Return on investment and increase the quality of experience.

Use social media to boost the event experience

Social media is a sustainable approach to engage your attendees at your virtual event on an in-person event. Social media has become the most reliable platform for participants to put their opinion, customer review, and their experience which will be helpful for fellow participants.

There are different ways you able to generate personalized vibes by using different social media platforms. For that, you have to link the social media app with the digital event application which makes it convenient to talk about their own experience.


Shashi Das