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Top Iron Supplements Available in New Zealand

Iron has a key role in your body that keeps you strong and energetic. LAck of iron is very common; if not treated properly, it can lead to iron deficiency. It is a condition in which blood (red blood cells) doesn’t absorb healthy oxygen. In Iron Deficiency, you may get symptoms like:

• Tiredness
• Difficulty in concentration
• Energyless
• Breath shortening
• Frequent bouts of illness
• Pale skin color
• Heart Palpitation (fast heartbeat, fluttering, or pounding of heart)
• Headaches
• Hair Loss
• Itching
• Mouth sores pain
• Change in food taste
• Hearing ring, hiss, or buzz sound inside your head
• Sore tongue or difficult to swallow
• Spoon-shape nails
• Restless Leg Syndrome

If you see any of these symptoms, consult your doctor to know your iron level. Common side effects of taking iron supplements are stomach pain, dark stool, constipation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, urine discoloration, or heart burning. IRon Supplements NZ are available in the form of Elixir: 220mg/5ml, Solution: 75mg/ml, Syrups: 300 mg/5 ml, Tablets: 325 mg, Delay released tablets: 324,325 mg, Extended-release tablets: 160,142 mg.

Iron Supplement Intakes:

• 19-50 years of male can consume 8mg a day; females can consume 18mg a day
• Pregnant women can take 27mg a day
• Breastfeeder women can consume 9mg a day
• Senior citizens above the age of 50 years can consume 8mg per day
• For the prevention of iron deficiency, you can consume 300mg a day
• Anemia patients can consume 300mg every 12 hours, or it can be increased to 300mg every 6 hours or 250 mg daily for the treatment.

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Best available Iron Supplements in New Zealand

• Active Iron & B Complex for Women- Tablets 60s for NZ$39.99
• Active Iron Tablets- 30 Capsules for NZ$34.99
• Clinicians Iron Boost Capsules- 30 capsules for NZ$13.99
• Ferro Sachets- 28 sachets for NZ$29.99
• Ferrograd Iron Tablets 325mg- 30 tablets for NZ$9.99
• Good Health Iron Chews Tablets- 30chewing tablets for NZ$18.99
• Iron Melts Tablets- 50 chewable tablets for NZ$9.99
• Maltofer Oral Iron Syrup 150ml- for NZ$22.99
• Maltofer Oral Iron Tablets- 30 tablets for NZ$22.99
• ProNordic Liposomal Iron- 60 capsules for NZ$74.99


If you are new in consuming iron supplements consult your doctor or visit various online sites on iron supplement NZ side effects to know more about it.


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