Top 5 Tips To Surprise Your Customers with Exquisite Unboxing

Top 5 Tips To Surprise Your Customers with Exquisite Unboxing

Before entering the matter, we must clear the doubt that you may be asking yourself: what is unboxing? Unboxing is a very effective and relatively recent marketing tool, and it means, literally, “unpacking”. And that is what it consists of videos in which users of your products are seen taking them out of the packaging so that through your company’s channels. You can present them to your followers to make them go viral and be seen by the largest number of people. You can make a video to unbox the custom beard oil boxes. Do not forget that 8 out of 10 people are followers of different brands through social networks.

The keys to unboxing success essentially lie in knowing how to create expectations and in spreading enthusiasm for the latest novelty that you have released. It is perfectly valid for all kinds of items, from toys and makeup to video games and smartphones.

Everything Starts With The Packaging

Simply put, you must make your packaging appealing. So, whether many companies are offered custom boxes for CBD products or any other custom packaging box, you need to make them attractive to help your customers enjoy unboxing.

Pleasantly Surprise Your Customers With The Packaging!

The packaging is as important as the product itself as it is actually your cover letter. It does not matter if your business carries out a marketing strategy based on unboxing or not; word of mouth has always existed, and your client will probably be on social media. Amazing packaging can be just as good a business claim as the product it wraps itself. Here are some tricks that can turn your packaging into an experience:

“Wow” Effect

It occurs when your customer opens the box and finds a pleasant surprise. Sometimes, things as simple as a thank-you phrase or a catch-up phase with elegant spelling affect the customers more aggressively. Of course, if you accompany it with some kind of small gift, a discount coupon, or participation in a raffle, all the better.

Personalization: making the customer feel special and unique. There are many ways. However, one that creates a trend is the shipment inside the envelope of a personal note on custom CBD cartons with a type of spelling that appears to be written by hand.

That Looks Like Handmade: packaging that looks handmade, made by hand. You make each package you send by hand, but some materials and shapes give that image.

Fragrance Effect: everything enters us through the senses, and smell is one of those that makes us evoke the most sensations. Perfuming the inside of your shipments is a way for the product to create a pleasant and favorable feeling for your customers when they open them. It’s all about creating experiences.

Sustainability: we live in times that are increasingly committed to the environment, especially the new generations, the millennials, who have grown up educated in this commitment. Your packaging and wrapping are sustainable, and recyclable, creating a current of sympathy towards your company.

Simulation: QR codes are being used more and more so that the customer, simply by placing their mobile on the packaging, can virtually see the unpacking mode, advice on using the product, the care they may need, etc.

As you can see, there are countless methods for your packaging to become an experience for your customers.

With this base, you can now face your unboxing strategy with all the guarantees of success.

Unboxing Steps

Possibly the most powerful social network on a commercial level is YouTube, and it was there that this powerful marketing weapon began. It does not mean that the rest of the social networks, Facebook or Instagram, should not be used as platforms to promote your products.

The simplicity of unboxing staggers when compared to the extraordinary results, it produces.

A customer is videotaped presenting the product in its packaging –the packaging is as important as the item itself– indicating if its condition is adequate, if its labels are correct or if they show signs of blows or damage.

Once the box is opened, it will show its contents, checking if the item is adequately protected (with cushioning for bubbles, for example), if the delivery notes or invoice has the correct data, if the product is in good condition and complete, etc.

Finally, he will assemble the product if necessary – in the case of furniture, for example – and he will test it expressing his opinion on the product itself and comparing it with other brands.

How Do You Ask Your Clients To Record An Unboxing Video?

You can always think about doing it yourself or having it done by people from your personal or work environment. Better not do it. The global internet village is just that: a village in which everything ends with knowing. If this transpired, it would hurt your brand.

You should invite one of your customers to do it, requesting it in a personalized message on the box itself, with a discount on their next purchase in your store and a thank you card in advance.

Once the client has accepted and made the video (and sent it to you), give them a gift and return it to express appreciation for your company.

When you have supervised the video, you can upload it to social networks directly or edit it in the best way you see fit. You can include perhaps, leads, music, or subtitles; the latter is very important as a sign of respect for people with hearing disabilities.

When you upload it to your YouTube channel, integrate it into a specific unboxing playlist so that the different videos appear in related searches, thus making your campaign more complete.


Anita Terry