How Firewall is Important for your Safety
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Safety Starts with Awareness, Know-How Firewall is Important for your Safety

We often look out for different kinds of features in plywood. Normally, when we see that the quality of plywood is up to the mark, it is resistant enough to stains and scratches and if it has valid certifications – we accept it to be worthy for our purchase.

However, we often overlook the aspect of safety. Since plywood is one of the most affordable and beneficial components out there to be used in construction, it is quite widely used. You may find plywood used in your furniture, doors, and even on the exterior of the wall. With a component that is so widely present in your house, the need to ensure its safe nature becomes important.

Now the question arises, how exactly can we make the plywood safe for us? It is well-known that plywood is a wood-based product. In such cases, if a fire breaks out – are there any chances for your safety being ensured? With Firewall technology, the chances happen to be quite high for the same.

Firewall Technology: A Brief

Firewall technology acts as a fire retardant for your plywood. This means that the plywood made with this technology is far safer than the kinds of plywood of normal build. The team of experts who designed this firewall technology used particles that were Nano-engineered in the plywood’s polymer matrix.

The emergence of this technology has changed the dynamics of safety within the plywood market. Now, the consumers never have to simply be content with anti-pathogen formulae in their plywood. The safety ensured by firewall technology is unmatched by any ordinary plywood.

Why is Firewall Important for Safety?

Now that we know on what premise the firewall technology is based on, let us see how this technology ensures our safety.

When normal plywood sheetscatch fire, it is a well-known fact that they fail miserably in delaying its spread. That means, if the majority of your household has the usual plywood work done – you are at a high risk of the potential to harm due to a fire breakout.

This is when firewall technology emerges as a hero. Any plywood which is built with this technology would actively stand against the fire for a decent amount of time. This would give you enough time to call the concerned authorities like the fire brigade for help.

Another major aspect where firewall technology proves its essence is its efficiency to act as a strong barrier against fire. The normal plywood with no firewall technology does not simply allow the fire to spread throughout your house. It facilitates the same, as wood is a good conductor of fire. Your plywood appliances and walls would actively contribute more to the fire, hence worsening your safety levels.

At the same time, the plywood with firewall technology does the opposite. Such kind of plywood would not only stand strong against the fire but also would not actively contribute to its spread. This strong barrier can prevent the already traumatic situation from worsening any further.


The best part about the firewall technology is that it also becomes a self-extinguisher once the source of fire is dealt with. This amazing technology, however, is not available with every kind of plywood out there.

This firewall technology has been developed by the renowned company CenturyPly. They offer the best quality plywood services online. The amount of safety guaranteed by CenturyPly among their products is unmatched by any competitor.

The teams of experts at CenturyPly have actively developed many such safety formulae to ensure the safety of consumers. If you are someone who always prioritizes quality and certifications, yet refuses to compromise on safety levels – the fire retardant plywood from CenturyPly is the perfect choice for you.


Ishita Garg