Things about Turbos you never know

It is the device in a vehicle’s engine that is present to increase a car’s overall performance and efficiency by the time more and more vehicles are fitted with turbos. With the Garrett turbos charger, you can increase the internal engine’s efficiency and power by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber.

Turbocharger compressor draws in ambient air and compresses it before entering into the intake manifold with increased pressure. It also improves fuel efficiency without increasing the power, and it can be achieved by recovering waste energy into the exhaust and feeding back into the engine intake.

How does the turbocharger work?

It comprises two main sections, the turbine, and the compressor, the turbine compressor, which includes the turbine wheel and turbine housing. Turbine housing guides the exhaust gas into the turbine wheel.

And the energy from the exhaust gas turns the turbine wheel, and the gas then exits the turbine housing through an exhaust area.

The importance of having or installing turbo in the vehicle’s engine is the following:

  • Things to know about turbos
  • Fuel frugality
  • Toasty turbine
  • Long haul
  • Power density
  • Quite an engine

Things to know about turbos

In the past, turbochargers were mainly used in sports cars to give them an extra kick. Still, now the government-mandated higher fuel economy standards, and many automakers are turning into small turbocharged engines to replace many large parts and are less fuel-efficient.

Fuel frugality

With turbocharger installation, many automakers improve fuel efficiency by approx 40% in diesel and 20% in gas than larger aspirated gas engines with similar performance.

Toasty turbine

Turbos mainly operate in extreme heat, more than 1050 degrees C in gasoline engines. In diesel engines, they run hotter than the temperature of lava.

Long haul

In nowadays technology, turbocharger performance is integral to engine design and implementation of the vehicles, which is very important and reliable.

Power density

They have excellent power density and more efficient latter, which might mean more to people, turbocharger connected to engine gives more power and allows small engines to put more horsepower than ordinary. With a turbocharger, your vehicle will experience more energy, more horsepower.

Quite an engine

Turbocharger engines are filtered with more pipes and components, intake and exhaust noise is reduced and refined, making more quieter and smoother engine noises- is one of the most unexpected benefits of a turbocharged engine.

  • Exhaust gases and gases run turbo engines would otherwise go to waste; you don’t lose anything in turbo.
  • Larger and more powerful engines take much more space and are more expensive to run the vehicle, so small engines are a great option with turbo engines.
  • It also increases the atmospheric pressure in your engine while dealing with high engine pressure.
    Using a turbocharger will increase the amount of air going into the engine and the fuel to burn the air-fuel and mix it more efficiently.
  • The turbocharger spins at a speedup of 150000 revolutions per minute are equal to 30 times faster than most car engines.


The turbocharger in the engine will help increase the vehicle’s efficiency in speed and power; with Garrett turbos charger, you can increase its efficiency and power by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber.


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