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Types of Storage Facilities in Tauranga

The different facilities for Tauranga storage are subdivided into specific categories, including primary production, commercial production, and distribution. The different storage facilities have different purposes. For example, the distribution facilities allow the effective transfer of the various products to their destinations, whereas the general-purpose facilities are used for various types of products and materials. The principal flow of the goods from the producer to the user should coincide with the storage facilities.

There are mainly three broad categories for storage facilities: moving companies, self-storage facilities, and mobile storage units. All of these have their unique characteristics. 

The moving company has storage units that are climate controlled and offer security systems and are the best option for secure professional storage services at a low cost. This type of storage Tauranga offers a one-stop solution and is a convenient option and is the best option when people look to store or relocate larger items. 

The self-storage facilities work according to the clients’ unique needs and are known to offer multiple spaces. The most significant advantage of this type of storage is that it allows individuals to arrange the different goods according to their needs, whether the storage facility is required near the residence, whether it requires specific weather conditions. 

The mobile storage units are of the sought-for options for most people as it allows doorstep delivery of the goods. These are available in various convenient options that include the carrier, containers, and trailer according to the size and weight of the product.

You can find several different types of storage facilities, but the four main types required to meet all your requirements consist of the following.

The Four Main Types of Storages Facilities Available in Tauranga

  • Warehouse Storage
  • Container Storage
  • Lock-up Garages
  • Removal Depositories

Warehouse Storage

This type of storage Tauranga is offered by large self-storage companies divided into various sizes of various sizes. These storage facilities are mainly divided into two categories: the new and modern buildings and the larger or older buildings that are converted into storage units. These are best for people looking for secure and well-managed storage facilities that offer various services such as 24 hours of access and temperature control.

Container Storage

These are generally metal shipping containers that offer the highest storage facility and are generally subdivided into smaller units. These are used to provide mobile storage and are kept at safe perimeters parked at the place of loading or unloading. These are some of the cheapest storage types, but they suffer from the various effects of weather.

Types of Storage Facilities in Tauranga

Lock-up Garages

These are specifically built storage units with larger dimensions and allow easier access to the residential areas and the cheapest option available. Still, these provide minimal security as the quality of the garage door can limit the security level.

Removal Depositories

Several companies store their client’s belongings when they are on the move and have large warehouses in suburban areas with high-security and regulated weather conditions and provide their own transportation facilities but charge higher than the rest of the facilities.

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