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Secure Your Chic Apparel In Custom Apparel Rigid Boxes

There is a lot of competition going on in the market. To stand firm in such a competitive market, you need to pay attention to features that can help differentiate your brand. There are certain factors that can help your brand stand out and make customers notice it. Packaging is one such factor that can present your products differently and make them look exclusive in the eyes of the customers. 

Why Do You Need Custom Apparel Rigid Boxes?

When it comes to the apparel business, there are so many brands running in the race. That is why you need to make your brand look unique and attractive. Product quality is one such factor that always has space for improvement and makes a significant difference in sales. But what helps you gain more customers is how you maintain the quality of your product and how you present them. 

Help Keep The Product Secure

Packaging plays a significant role in both aspects. It helps maintain the quality of the product by keeping it safe from external factors like environmental variations, moisture, heat, excessive dryness, and pressures. Also, the packaging is responsible for keeping the product safe during shipping, as in that case, it should be secure enough to keep the product safe during bumps and pressure variations. The other purpose packaging has to serve is the presentation of the product. The product needs to be exhibited nicely in the retail market with attractive features and a decent product display.

  • In the case of apparel, both these factors are very important; thus, we suggest you consider apparel rigid boxes that are stylish and sturdy. 
  • You can go for custom rigid packaging to design the box according to your product specifications. This will help you keep the product secure and present it attractively on the retail shelf. 
  • You can enhance the security of your product by altering the size, shape, and style of rigid apparel boxes.
  • It will help you have a perfectly sized box to encase your apparel. 
  • Furthermore, you can enhance the functional space of your packaging by modifying its shape according to the product specifications. 
  • Also, you can avail different box styles in rigid quality custom apparel boxes and make sure to choose the one that protects your products from environmental factors and keeps them safe during transit and retail handling. 

Present The Product Attractively

On the other hand, when it comes to presenting your sophisticated apparel products, you may choose customization options that can help you display your products attractively and improve customers’ unboxing experience. There are various customization options that can help you create outstanding custom apparel rigid boxes. We have briefly discussed them here to let you know how it goes:

Create Alluring Designs With Printing Techniques

Printing techniques can help you create outstanding rigid apparel boxes with attractive and brand representative features. There are two distinct printing techniques that you can use to get your desired results

  • With offset printing, you can attain photorealistic images of high resolution. It is only feasible for large-scale orders as the cost is high otherwise. Owing to the extensive initial setup, which involves the manufacture of design plates, the process takes a few days to complete. Therefore, you need to be careful while making designs, as it will be difficult to incorporate changes later. 
  • On the contrary, digital printing is a quicker method that does not involve extensive initial setup or preparation of design plates. It takes a digitized image that needs to be transferred from a gadget to the inkjet printer, which further takes it to the box material. Thus, you can create custom-printed rigid apparel boxes with good-quality images. These design changed can also be easily incorporated by making changes in the digital image. Also, digital printing is cost-effective only in the case of small-scale orders. 

So now you know all about printing techniques and the procedures involved in them. These factors help you decide what technique to go for when you know your requirements regarding brand representation. Also, when the customers notice your custom printed rigid apparel boxes, they can recognize your brand from afar and recall it. 

Add A Pop With The Help Of Color Models

Now, what else can make your brand recognized and help your print design get noticed. Well, of course, color models!  Color models can make your print designs pop, and don’t let them look dull and pale. Again there are two options in color models as well that many industries use for their packaging. 

  • A PMS color model is a universal one that delivers precise and consistent colors to represent your brand. The Pantone matching system is known for producing authentic brand-specific colors and thus can help you promote your brand.
  • In contrast, there is a cmyk color model that produces highly vibrant images to make your print designs look captivating and capture customers right away. You may not go for this one if you require exact shades because that’s not what CMYK is famous for. 

Make It Spectacular With Add-Ons

After the color models, you must consider add-ons that look spectacular and can make your apparel rigid boxes look exquisite. You can incorporate additional features to make your packaging look appealing, and the customizations look more prominent. You can choose from the popular add-ons options that include embossing, debossing, window patching, hot stamping, and spot uv treatment. With the help of a combination of these add-ons, you can create rigid apparel boxes that represent your brand spectacularly and help gain more customers.

Create The Perfect Custom Apparel Rigid Boxes

So customize your rigid quality custom apparel boxes and make them look attractive and more practical. By ordering from shop rigid boxes, you can avail of 20-40% discount and create remarkable apparel boxes.

The customization can help you enhance the security of your products. It also helps improve the appeal and appearance of the boxes and helps make them more brand-specific. Order away and get your custom rigid boxes shipped to you free of cost. With all the creative customizations, you can attain boxes that help improve your sales and the customers’ unboxing experience. 


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