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Movies, shows, and web series, all provide us with a convenient and readily available means of entertainment. As humans, we all need a break from our work to entertain ourselves, otherwise, our lives will be as black and white movies, monotonous, no fun, and nothing to be excited about.

The release of new movies maintains excitement in our lives. It provides us an excuse to go out with friends and family. However, these days, many people prefer to watch movies and shows in their cozy home environment, rather than going to theatres. Due to this changed habit of people, most of the content creators prefer to release their new shows and movies on different online streaming platforms.

Nevertheless, there is a problem with that, too, all these platforms are paid and everyone cannot buy a subscription for all of them.

Anyway, you do not have to worry about the sky-high prices of these platforms, when Thunder TV and are here.

This website has provided people with a prominent and continuous source of free movies and series, and that too in high definition video quality.

A Brief Intro to Thunder TV

Thunder TV is a free website where users can easily stream their desired movies, shows, web series, and much more. Thunder TV is absolutely a free platform where users can watch any number of videos they want without any limitations of watching only a limited number of videos in a day.

The website provides you with all buzzed-up shows and movies that you might have heard from your friends. The content on the website is updated on a regular basis and therefore, your watch list always remains up to date with the latest shows, movies, and web series added to it.

The website not only provides all the trending content, but it also works as a meta-search engine that searches for the show or movie demanded by users on other torrent websites when not available on its own site.

Thunder TV is never short of content, you will always end up binge-watching your favorite show once you land on the website. Moreover, it facilitates offline watching as well, as it is very easy to download videos from this platform.

All in all, the website has become an addiction for movie lovers as it provides all the newly-released content, being telecasted on different platforms because of which it’s gaining high user traffic, which is ever-increasing.

Features of Thunder TV

By going through the above section, you must have got a pretty much good idea about the capabilities of Thunder TV and the reason for its hyped popularity; but still to point out, here is the overview of some of its exclusive features:

1 Free to Use:

Of course, the great heights that Thunder TV has reached and gained more traffic than any other platform is because of the free availability of all the latest content.

2 Trending Content:

Many free streaming platforms generally do not provide the latest content within a few days of their release, however, this is not the case with Thunder TV. You will get all the exciting movies, shows, and series here, and that too with all their parts and episodes.

3 Watch online or offline:

The biggest flex of Thunder TV that its users enjoy is that it is not required to download the file to watch it. One can directly stream movies and all episodes of a show on the website itself. However, the website also provides the user with a download option, by clicking on which, users can effortlessly download the videos and watch them offline, whenever they want.

4 Content from all-round the world:

The most spoken language in the world is English, and therefore, most of the free streaming platforms host content in English only. Nevertheless, this is not what Thunder TV does. Content from all around the globe and in different languages is readily and freely available on the platform.

5 Wide variety of categories:

It is very hard to find a movie or show of a specific category or genre of your liking, however, on this website, you can easily find numerous shows and movies of your choice by browsing through innumerable categories.

6 Huge collection:

Each category on this website has an almost infinite amount of old and newly-released content, which would never end if one set out to explore them all.

7 Easy to navigate:

The website is very user-friendly, and users can easily navigate through it without facing any difficulty in understanding or accessing any of its features.

8 Easy to search:

With numerous clearly defined categories, it becomes easy for a user to search for the video of a particular genre in its section only. Moreover, users can even make use of the search bar provided on the website to get direct and instant results.

9 HD Quality Videos:

Although the website is free of cost, the compromise with video quality is never the intention of the makers of Thunder TV. All the videos present on the website are available in high HD quality along with other customizable quality options to choose from.

10 Genuine links:

Many times, when you search for a particular movie, you get the link to download it, which most times doesn’t work or is not legit. But most of the links present on this platform will take you to your desired content and, therefore, are very useful to view or download movies and videos of your choice.


The information provided in this article is solely for informative purposes. We, in no way, endorse the use of websites that host content that is being copied from different sources. We, rather, warn our readers to be aware of these websites as they can harm their system and steal their personal information. Moreover, if the use of Thunder TV, its alternatives, or similar websites is restricted in your area, you should not visit them or access them by any means of unblocking them. Getting indulged in such a practice can land you in legal trouble.


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