MBA Career

MBA Career: Average packages and placement benefits

The MBA is an advanced post-graduate degree that allows for specialization in a specific area of business. The MBA has become the most popular graduate degree in America, with over 100 schools offering programs to students.

An average package for an MBA program includes tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation costs, personal expenses (including living expenses), health insurance coverage (including international student health insurance), and loan fees.

A placement benefit refers to a form of remuneration given by a company to help cover the cost of studying at their institution. This usually ranges from $5K – $20K per year, depending on the school’s ranking.

What is an MBA, and what do they offer?

An MBA course is a professional degree offered in management and business. It helps students to develop their skills in various areas, including finance, marketing etc., allowing them to be better managers of companies or businesses after they graduate.

It also offers placement benefits for the student. The best thing about getting an MBA from India today is that you can get coveted jobs with global consulting firms, which places only graduates from IIM’s or other top B-schools worldwide.

You can even land up at Google, Microsoft and IBM! All this makes it well worth your money spent on the course itself.

The average package offered by schools

The average package offered by top B-schools in India for their graduates is Rs.19 lakh per annum, which includes a monthly salary between Rs.75000 and Rs.100000 +HRA*

Most of these pre-placement offers (PPOs) include the following:

  1. A joining bonus ranging from Rs.30 to 50 Lakhs depending on your designation and profile mentioned above
  2. An annual CTC increases at least 15% every year for three years after you join the company – this is one of the best benefits! This means that if your initial CTC was around 19L/annum, it would go up to 25lakh+ in three years’ time without any additional hard work on your part!

You can explore different college websites like Jaipuria institute of management average package to get more clarity. So, you’ve made a great decision by choosing to pursue an MBA. The benefits of pursuing this degree include higher earning potential and job placement rates, plus many more opportunities for personal growth.

Whether you’re looking at the average cost or what kind of packages are available, it’s clear that receiving your MBA will be worth every cent spent on tuition. As you search for the right school, look into all aspects of each program as well as location options to see which is best suited for you.


David Swan