Independent house valuation near me in Auckland
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Independent house valuation Near Me in Auckland

If you want to sell your house, the independent valuation will be required by real estate agents for helping them in setting up the price of the house that they are likely to offer so as to ensure maximum return on it. If you do not follow these steps correctly while carrying out this activity, then there is every possibility of miscommunication and other mistakes resulting from it. Following is the complete guide on how to do a house valuation Auckland independently:

  • House Valuation – Step 1
  • House Valuation – Step 2
  • House Valuation – Step 3
  • House Valuation – Step 4

Property House Valuation – Step 1

The first step is to make a list of all those factors that will impact the house valuation Auckland Such as location, size, condition, and design among others. The real estate agent usually asks these questions from homeowners before they set the price of your house.

If you are selling it independently, then these questions will be helpful for you to depict how much interest is shown by people in your house. Therefore, it is recommended that even if you do not have all the information regarding the price of the houses in the neighborhood, then at least try to find out about prices of similar-sized houses located nearby.

House Valuation – Step 2

The next step is to get an idea of what sort of variables will help you in changing the price or house valuation Auckland. The most common factors like size, location, amenities and condition play a vital role here.

Now, it depends on you how much emphasis you would like to put on each of these factors. If you want to increase the price of your house, then make sure that you focus more on the factor which has the most impact on the value of your house.

House Valuation – Step 3

The next step is to make a list showing how much an area/component warrants as a percentage of difference in the price of your house. For example, if you feel that location of your house is worth 30%, then write it in this way: Location – 30%

House Valuation – Step 4

After doing all these steps, you are required to make a list of certain key factors over which you have complete control. These are further divided into two sections that are information about your house and another section showing the details of the real estate agents who are ready to buy your house.


Finally, it is recommended that you mention the estimated house valuation Auckland to real estate agents and then compare it with the market prices before finalizing a deal. By going through these steps, you can easily make out how much valuation of your house in Auckland should be done.


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