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9 Branding Secrets to Outperform Your Competition

We examined countless top-performing brands and also our clients and found key (and recurring) patterns. Using these trends, one city experienced 500% expansion in 12 months, a Downtown skincare company experienced a 700% surge of new customers in 3 months, and a small business branding service experienced 900% sales growth in 17 months.

That’s a lot of progress. That kind of development does not happen by accident. Instead, with essential insights, secrets and core underlying principles in place, it’s made to happen.

Here are some of the top branding secrets.

1) You Can’t Be Everything To Everyone.

Even if you want to keep your business small with yourself and/or a few others, don’t yell and scream “one-stop shop.” You’ll get to be a generalist, and scaling your business success will be difficult. Who is your target market, and what niche are you aiming for? Be more specific and narrow your focus to those key areas.

2) The Visual Style Of Your Company Is An Essential Aspect Of Branding.

Logos, websites, and blogs also represent your brand. Ensure to give some thought to their design. Also, if possible, hire anyone who is an experienced professional. Too often, “mom and pop” businesses want to integrate their decorative style. Don’t fall into that trap. You want your design to be attractive to the eye of others, and whatever you like is often very distinct from what the masses like.

 Your best bet, regardless of your niche, is, to begin with:

  • Simple – Use the same font for the majority of your promotional text.
  • Clean – Stick to two primary colors and avoid overcrowding your web pages and flyers.
  • Bold and Straightforward – Keep your overall message simple. Don’t be too verbose.

The most common mistake that small businesses make with branding is trying to say everything. Recognizing your business, understanding your customer, and saying what you need to say quickly are prerequisites for good branding.

3) Differentiate Yourself

Your brand exists to stand out. “Same nonsense, different day” isn’t going to cut it. A day that a brand does not break some sacrosanct branding principle is when the brand has ended up losing the chance to stand above the status quo. Your brand could be heard in a world that is way too busy to pay heed if you ignore the rules with insight, intellect, and innovative thinking.

4) Take Full Advantage Of Your Competitor’s Mistakes.

You don’t always have to be distinctive; you have to be better. Instead of standing in line for your own, you must learn from the mistakes of others. Keeping an eye on the competition allows you to learn which branding techniques work and which do not. Understanding what to avert and what makes the difference for your brand is critical to its success.

As per Forbes, comparison shopping between your brand and competitors may play a significant role in elevating your brand above the competition. Unfortunately, many businesses have created their brands purely on the failures of their competitors.

5) Exclusive Advertising

What if you inject some fun into the advertisement? Don’t you believe being a little outlandish can help your brand stand out? I’m referring to the highly amusing Old Spice ad on YouTube, “The man your man might taste like.” Such amusing advertisements not only make an impact on the viewers, but they also go viral.

They are widely shared on the internet and help to drive sales. The point is, try to make your ads stand out from the crowd. As per Insivi’s research, 90 percent of respondents believe that watching an entertaining video allows them to learn more about products.

6) Know Your Message

You must be highly knowledgeable about the topic and challenges you are discussing in response to the questions naturally. Therefore, your key message should be brief, unique, and tailored to your audience and the product or service. There should never be more than five key messages. If you only have time for a brief response, you must emphasize what is most important.

Arya is responsible for ensuring that the products, services and product lines that fall under their domain resonate with current and potential customers. According to Dallas SEO Services providers, Arya continuously monitor marketing, our clients and keep a close eye on competitive products in the marketplace. She regularly meet with clients and senior management to discuss

7) Make an Investment in Customer Service

Customer service must be as great as your marketing game if you want your brand to stand out. However, responding to customer complaints, resolving their issues, and providing helpful advice all assist in building your business.

According to a HubSpot report, 93 percent of Americans utilize customer service to determine whether or not to do business with a brand. So, what are you waiting for? Start your own customer care department. Make your brand stand out today!

8) Always Focus on Social Media

Social media is a channel, not a brand strategic plan. Therefore, your brand needs to have something to say, it’s even more crucial to have something that people will hear.

And these brands, whether share something beneficial or do not share anything at all. This is why you need to decide how you will use it for your brand.

9) Brand’s Tone of Voice

Your tone of voice is essential. It can be hard to maintain the proper tone of voice under duress. Avoid using defensive tones as they can send all the wrong signals. Body language can sometimes be very effective when conveying a message to a journalist. People will watch what you do and your facial gestures as well as what you say.

Being confident in speaking with the mainstream media is essential; if you improve your interview skills, you will then find that you will be presented in the media much more frequently.


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