Online Classes

What are the Suggestions To Make Online Classes More Effective

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has shifted learning to the online space. Online classes are going on quite efficiently in every Abu Dhabi international school. But many parents are worried if their child is benefiting from online classes. Browse through a few ways in which parents can increase the efficiency of online classes for their kids.

1.    Set Clear Expectations

Parents need to understand that the flow of online classes is quite different from the conventional classes within the four walls. But educators try their best to provide lectures that can help students gather a clear understanding of concepts. Your kid should be willing to ask questions if they are unable to understand anything from the lectures. Tell your kids to pay the same attention in the online classes as they would in offline classes.

2.    Build A Schedule For Online Classes At Abu Dhabi International School

Your kid might have trouble adjusting to online classes as their routine of attending school. When students are required to attend offline classes, they will have to wake up in the morning and get ready.

With online classes, the habit of getting ready for the classes might be ruined. But as a parent, you need to let your kids develop a routine for attending online classes. Make your kids wake up at a proper time and have a healthy meal before beginning the classes. If your kid sits down to attend online classes right after waking up, they won’t be able to concentrate properly.

3.    Set Up A Space For Attending Online Classes At A CBSE School

When your kid is attending classes from home, they are bound to face some concentration issues. However, giving them a separate space for attending the classes can be helpful. When the environment resembles a CBSE school classroom, your kid will be able to focus better. You can give your kid a separate room for attending the online classes. Do not enter the room, call your kid or distract your kid in any way while they are attending the online classes.

Your child’s study space should be designed with reference to her personality. You can directly ask your kid and get some ideas for designing their study area. Keep a comfortable desk and chair in the room where they can sit during the classes.

Sitting on a sofa or bed for attending online classes might hamper their concentration. You will have to ensure that your kid is getting access to all the supplies they need for the classes. If they run out of their school supplies, get what they need as soon as possible.

4.    Learn About The Online Platform

Your kid is new to the online platform and might face trouble operating it. You should learn about the technicalities of the online platform and try to understand all the features. Begin by checking the orientation resources provided by Abu Dhabi international school. Your kid should be able to navigate the controls on the online learning platform. They might need to record a lecture for future reference.

They should also be able to submit assignments on time through the platform. If the online platform is used by students to give tests, it is even more crucial for kids to know how to use the platform. On the other hand, students should also be able to analyze the test scores later. If you are unable to guide your kid about using the platform, you should seek help from their teachers at school.

5.    Stay In Touch With The Teachers

As parents, you need to maintain healthy communication with your kid’s teachers at a CBSE school. They will be able to throw light on your kid’s performance in online classes. The teachers will be able to give you useful suggestions regarding how to improve your kid’s attention in online classes.

If you think your child is facing a particular issue in the online classes, you need to discuss it with the teachers. The teachers might arrange for special lectures to help out your kids in whichever subject they are lagging behind.

6.    Take Care Of Household Issues

When your kid has to attend classes from home, there will be various issues specific to individual households. With everyone working from home, your kid might have issues related to a limited number of devices. They might not be able to work in a space that is calm and quiet for attending classes. As a parent, you will have to take care of these issues and ensure your kid can attend the online classes peacefully.

Final Thoughts

A parent’s responsibility will be to ensure that your kid is able to attend the online classes at a CBSE school without any distractions. Try to embrace the new method of learning and ensure that your kid does not have any setbacks.


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