How to rebuild Garrett’s turbocharger?

The turbocharger is a device fitted in a vehicle’s engine to improve the vehicle’s overall performance. Garrett turbos have many auto manufacturers for choosing turbochargers for the vehicles; turbochargers are compressors driven by an exhaust gas turbine fitted in the vehicle’s engine to boost the charge air pressure.

  • Performance of turbocharger
  • Maintenance and rebuild of Garrett turbocharger:
  • Conclusion

Performance of turbocharger

The performance of the turbocharger influences all engine parameters such as fuel, power, and emissions. Turbocharger turbine which consists of a turbine wheel and housing.

Which converts the exhaust gas into mechanical energy to drive the compressor by which gas flows cross-sectional area?

Maintenance and rebuild of Garrett turbocharger:

  • As parts of the turbocharger, regular oil maintenance needs a constant flow of quality engine oil to lubricate the compression.
  • Warm up the engine, engine oil warm-up time, and change your driving style accordingly.
  • Do not overstep the limits of the Turbo when Cruising,
  • Let the engine stay cool after every drive
  • Don’t blip the Throttle before turning the engine off.

Step 1. Disassembled the turbo, the oil can become so hot inside the turbocharger that it can cook and leave carbon behind. Carbon clogs oil passage and restricts the flow of oil.

Step 2. Measuring the inside and outer shaft diameters will determine which parts can be reused and which can be replaced, as cracked exhaust housing requires replacement.

Step 3. The slightest bit of imbalance can accuse the turbocharger assembly of coming apart; even the compressor and turbine wheel are balanced individually and make the entire assembly balanced.

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Step 4. Shaft spin on a thin layer of oil, worn bearings causes excessive shaft play. You can find where the oil is going by clouds of blue smoke from the tailpipe on boost.

Step 5. Turbocharger cartridges are put back in between the housings’ hot and cold side after the assembly completes. The waste gate actuator is pressure checked to see any open internal waste gate at the correct pressure.


The turbocharger is the internal part of the engine, which improves the vehicle’s performance; a person can rebuild the Garrett turbos with these steps and maintain it better.


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