How to get SEO-friendly backlinks

How to get SEO-friendly backlinks

Recently, a large number of websites pay attention to this particular issue to get backlinks and resources to improve the rate of their websites’ visiting. In the past, you could create multiple websites and archive them on your main website. But because it bypasses Google’s algorithm, all websites that have used this trick are penalized by Google’s Penguin algorithm.

Although Google has made changes to the way backlinks work in search engine optimization, backlinks still play an important role on ranking sites. Thus, getting links to your website is a crucial part of any good SEOstrategy. These links not only help improve your results ranking, but can also help brand credibility and domain reliability.

How to get high-quality and strong backlinks for your website

There are different ways which could help you generate backlink for your website:

Linking to others

There are numerous ways which can help you to interact with other websites. One usual way is to Place several links on your content to other linked sites. It could have effect on interactions (link exchanges). For example, people by monitoring with a tool like Google Analytics, are able to see how traffic is being directed to their pages. It should be noted that getting feedback from high-ranking websites is valuable, so try to create great and quality content on your website.

Working on the content of your website can be considered as a subcategory of digital marketing industry. In addition, there is another particular way which could help you develop your website position on search result pages, and it is getting links from websites related to your business area. As the readers of those websites and yours are following the same things, they may be more likely to browse your website.

Generating guest posts

Guest posts have always been considered as a special factor to achieve high-quality backlinks. Actually, websites could write guest posts on different blogs which are relevant to their own business. Therefore, you should be able to use a specific strategy to convince the website owners belong to your business that you can put at least one post on their website and then start linking and getting backlinks to it. In this process, something that is important is being careful about this issue that the site owner doesn’t track your link for its worthlessness.

Using forums

Writing for Forums which are related to your business, could be really helpful in the process of building search engine links. This is especially true when you are very helpful and useful on these sites.

This will not only create a link to your domain, but also increase your credibility as a professional if you help people in the forums. So you would be able to get favourable links by posting related posts and content to your website.

Social networks links

Social networks can play a vital role on link building process. In terms of referrals, social networks have the highest score compared with other strategies. Here this point is important that your account has a link to your site and is up to date. In addition to the importance of social networks for SEO, they also help a lot in branding and presenting your brand to your target audience.

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The role of infographics and images

Infographics are common formats to share information. By creating it, you can share information between many websites. Although a large number of people believe that images have no effect on the text, some people are visual and only look at images to figure out somethings they are searching for.

By creating unique images, you can create style links in addition to inserting a site link to the photo. You can also contact the site owners and submit your photo as a guest post on their websites, and you will see that many of them may agree to share. Additionally, uploading one of these images to your site may also show up in Google Images.

The effect of commenting on blogs and answering questions

Another way which could be really effective is to get research feedback on posts about your business. In this way you can express your opinion in a completely scientific and accurate way and link to your website if necessary.

The important point is that comments without following would not be useful for generating feedback, and comments are the best for following.

You can also response questions on relevant social networks, forums and groups and provide different links to your own website to provide a source related to your answers. This activity can be an effective factor of SEO, which is done by some digital marketing agencies.

Fixing the broken link

Broken links have been considered as factors which could damage our website. Links can be compromised as domains that no longer work. If you want to find detrimental or broken links, you can utilize some special tools such as Broken Link Finder or Google Webmaster Tools.

Broken links can hurt a website’s SEO because when search engine crawlers visit a site and encounter a broken link, they would not be able to index or crawl it properly. Additionally, when search engine crawlers go from a link to another link on a website, in fact they are looking for links which are right.

In this process, they will stop crawling if there is a broken link, like a stop sign. Thus, it is better to remove broken external links to make sure that you don’t have broken links on your website. You can also check old links on your website before linking between pages.

According to this article, the existence of backlinks is really crucial for all websites. IA large number of  professional web design companies can help you have a great website for developing of your business.


Neda Royaee