Advantages of DRY mode in air conditioning

Advantages of DRY mode in air conditioning

In general, an air conditioner usually has a large number of buttons both on its facade and on the control it has, and we ask ourselves the function of each one, and although we try, we do not always discover them completely. At Mancliar we help you solve your doubts.

One of those options that can be seen is “DRY”, which has many more benefits than is believed, and can even help people’s health.

air conditioning dry air
Literally, the translation of the English word “DRY”, means “dry”, and that option does exactly that. Common air conditioners can create dry air and moist air.

If the air is humid, the wind chill increases, so no matter what temperature the compressor is set to, it will always feel a bit hot and uncomfortable; in addition to having that annoying sensation of sticky skin due to the humidity that is in contact with us. Check this ac repair Sebastian

Having dry air helps to cool the environment more effectively, as well as protects the paint on the walls and ceiling, since humidity tends to create mold on them, creating possible respiratory conditions due to inhaling polluted air. In the same way, dry air is cleaner, which improves people’s breathing capacity.

where is it used
It should be noted that not everyone needs to use the “DRY” mode of our air conditioner. This is recommended, more than anything, in hot, rainy, and/or tropical places, where the environmental humidity is high.

It is also recommended in hospital sites, such as clinics, since humidity is known to hinder people’s ability to breathe, making the “dry” mode appropriate for these places.

Tips to save in this quarantine
It is very possible that in these days of quarantine many of us are active from home and it is very likely that there will be an increase in the absolute consumption of everything in your home, but this will no longer be a problem for you, since you will be able to keep up with the advice that we will give below, in this way you will greatly improve the energy efficiency in your home.

Make sure that it is the sun that acts With this, we want to make you understand that, while there is sunlight, try to keep the blinds or the windows open, in this way the sun will act and you will not need to resort to artificial light, so you will not only save energy, but also with the help of the sun’s rays you can disinfect a room window.

Employ the use of efficient and healthy heating When it comes to saving, condensing boilers are the perfect ones and more so when you consider them to be an effective alternative to obtain a minimum consumption of heating and hot water. Installing a condensing boiler, It will help improve energy efficiency in your home, as it will allow you to save 30% on your gas bill.

In addition, when you use the gas in small quantities, the emission of CO2 in the environment is also reduced by 70%.
The installation of a boiler of this type may be somewhat tedious, but the system it offers is so excellent that it offers benefits from an economic and environmental point of view and the best thing is that you will feel comfortable.

Always try to adjust the temperature during the quarantine, although it cannot be observed, the days are becoming more and more temperate, and this is reflected in the interior of the house, but in case the cold days continue to pass and it is necessary to use of heating to feel a correct acheter aquaviron online drugs temperature, remember that by means of a heating regulation and control system you will be able to control everything that is related to consumption.

Through a digital thermostat, you will be able to program the on or off times of your heating, you can also adjust the temperature as many times as necessary, so that you are neither too hot nor too cold. But, in case you do not have the possibility of using such equipment, then make consumption schedules, in this way you will not demand much from your heating system.

Maintenance and care of the equipment that you integrate into your home It is necessary that you periodically inspect or review the equipment that is installed in your home, because as you will know when you are in quarantine, no person will be able to enter your home to see what state said equipment is in . For this reason, when you choose to review them, try to do so with great care, since their correct performance will significantly reduce your bills.

Ventilation in the homeThis is undoubtedly another relevant and extremely important piece of advice, since by ventilating your home in a good way you will eliminate the concentration of CO2 and therefore harmful substances, you will also be able to regulate the humidity and if you let the sun manifest itself through its rays alone


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