How To Get Root Android PC For Free?

How To Get Root Android PC For Free?

Rooting is the key to accessing the Android Admin powers on any kind of Android device. Indeed, Rooting takes you to different kinds of options with respect to the device in hand and various other perspectives. If you are one who is a customer of the Android global, Root Genius Download is the most utility software rooting tool that comes to bypass the Android restrictions by the Android manufacturer.

Actually, this awesome app comes with numerous exploits to obtain root access on the device. If you feel like interacting to get sounds of knowledge of Root Android PC, further reading is better! 

Introduction to Root Genius Download

World-famous Chinese developing team Shuame developed the Root Genius Download to the public. It is a one-click root solution available for PC and APK versions to root Android devices. When you hope to get restricted rights on your Android device OS Root Genius is the best filing rooting tool for free download.  

Indeed, Android Root For PC is one of the simplest rooting tools for Android devices working through the Windows OS computer. It is compatible with Android devices of 1.5 or more versions. Beyond that, it is possible to root Androids of different brands and models hosting a 6.01 Android. So, you can easily root your smartphone or tablet without any doubt. 

Besides, if you are unsatisfied with these opportunities then you need to unroot your Android devices. Don’t worry, Android Root PC Software has an easy way to unroot your rooted Android device. You just click on the “Unroot” button in the device and your device will be unrooted. So that is why most Android users are willing to use Root Genius Download on their handset. Yes, it is a well-known app to root any Android model risk-free. 

Why should you Root Your Device using a Root Android PC?

Sometimes, you have seen some of the Android applications require special permissions from Android operating systems. In that case, you would surely want to avoid all such permission options and obtain a faster speed. So Android rooting is the best solution that makes it much faster.

You have the ability to remove the restriction from the Android OS system files and are capable of running more apps in less time. Once you root your Android devices, it increases the battery life and ability to access the superuser and admin level functionality.

Moreover, you will be able to use custom software for your app and ROMS. Really, that would provide you with complete control over every feature and aspect of your Android. Customize the smartphone with custom ROMs, themes, and many other things you can take from this awesome app. Seriously, these things are possible with the help of Android Root PC Download root access. 

Last but not least remember, rooting your Android device can void the device warranty to a complete extent. Although, it will be difficult to update your Android OS with the latest released versions. Also, this tool requires you to operate on a PC. It is compatible with the Windows 11/ 10/ 8/ 8.1/ 7/ XP versions.

However, Android Root PC Software may not be a bad choice. The reason why is because it is a One-click root option and it supports rooting of Android devices with Android version 2.2 to the latest released Android 12 OS. Over the 10000+ high-end powered Android smart devices are compatible with the Root Genius App.

Preparation of your device before running Android Root PC Software

If you plan to root access your Android device with this amazing one-click root tool, you need to consider the following facts before going through its process. Then you can handle the rooting process on your device easily.

  • Need a Windows OS computer
  • You must download and install the latest Root Genius app on your device
  • The mobile has at least a 70% battery charge
  • Take the full backup of your device storage
  • You need a stable internet connection
  • Make sure to enable the unknown source of your Android device
  • Make sure to enable the USB debugging mode of your Android device

Download Steps of Android Root For PC 

Step 1 – Download Root Android PC on your Windows computer

Step 2 – Connect your Android device to the Windows PC via the USB Cable

Step 3 – Install the latest version of the Root Genius PC on the Windows PC device

Step 4 – Wait for a moment to detect your device by the Root Genius app

Step 5 – While your installation is blocked, Make sure to enable the Unknown Sources. Go to Settings > Security > and tick the Unknown Sources to solve the errors. Also, make sure to enable the “developer option” and “USB debugs” on your Android device

Step 6 – Then again try to open the app and then accept the user agreement to install it

Step 7 – Open the app and you will see the “Root it” switch on the user interface and click it to continue the rooting process

Step 8 – If your device finished the rooting process then the Android device will reboot automatically.

Step 9 – At the end, you can check the root status on your Android by using the “Kinguser”.

Points to Remember 

Once you are getting root access with the Root Genius app that will void the device warranty. In that case, you have to take the complete backup of the device data before rooting. Otherwise, if you are unsatisfied with a rooted privilege on your device, you can come back to a standard stater’s non-rooted device by unrooting your Android device.

After the rooted device, you will not be able to update the latest version of the Android OS on your handsets. So that you should have to keep these facts before you are going to root with the Root Genius Download. However, this is an easy process to execute Admin rights over the stock setting via inner changes and modifications. 


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