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Home Extension Timeline – How Long Does It Take?

Besides cost, one of the most significant concerns most people have when planning a home  extension is how long it will take. However, there is no clearcut answer to this. Every home  extension is different, and there are several factors that are beyond our control.

Your home  extension builders can give you an estimate of the duration. Here is a short guide that will  provide you with a rough estimate of how long your extension can take.

Preparation 2-4 weeks

Before getting home extension services, you need to do some homework regarding your budget  and priorities. Enlist your priorities-whether your want additional space, an attractive design, or  easy access to the garden area.

After that, you can start consulting home extension builders to  get quotes before finalizing them.

Designing 2-5 weeks

Once you’ve finalized the home extension company, the next task is to design the project. The  time frame for this step depends on whether you possess existing drawings or not.

When you  have got the existing designs of your property, you can begin drafting them.

Planning-8-10 weeks

At the planning stage, you need to be very patient because you’ll have to wait for a long to get  approvals. It might take a minimum of 8-10 weeks to get mandatory permissions.

Further, if your  plan requires alterations, it might take an even longer time. Hence, make sure you meet all the  conditions to get quick approvals.

The best thing you can do is allow your home extension builders to plan everything for you. A  reputed builder may have dealt with thousands of applications, so they will ensure that the paperwork is appropriate.

Technical designing 1-2 months

After all the planning work, you now have to deal with the gritty nitty of building. It means taking  care of building regulations and hiring a structural engineer or a house extension company who  will ensure that your building stay standing.

Different companies have different timings, which  might take around 1-2 months. You can search for the best construction companies during the  planning stage.

Site preparation – 7 days

Before commencing with the home extension, the builders will assess your site and prepare it  for the construction work. The main reason behind this step is to ensure that there are no  hurdles in the building process and in setting your additional areas.

Sub-floor- 2-4 weeks

In this stage, the builders will create a concrete slab that will act as a base for the rest of the  extension.

Frame building 2-4 weeks

The builders will construct the wall frames and roof frames. It is the skeletal stage where you  can see the additions that you will have to your existing space.

Lock up 1-4 weeks

Once the frames have been completed, the extension specialists will add walls, windows, and  the roof. It is known as the lockup, and the extension is almost complete by the end of this  stage.

Fittings approx 6-7 weeks

In this stage, the builders give an aesthetic touch to the structures to transform them into a  home. Doorknobs and bathroom fittings are completed at this stage to provide you with an  exceptional home extension.

Finishing 2-3 weeks

Finally, the extension specialists complete the last-minute jobs and thoroughly inspect  everything. Once they are sure that everything is complete and perfect, you’ll receive the final  certificate for the building permit.

So, you might have got a rough idea of how long a home extension may take. But, the best way  to make sure that your extension gets completed on time is to hire one of the best home  extension companies having the experience and skills to construct superior quality extensions.

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