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General LED Lighting and Accent LED Lighting: Determining the Differences

What are General Lighting and Accent Lighting?

General Lighting and Accent Lighting are common terms in home and retail interior decoration. The purposes and objectives of General Lighting and Accent Lighting are relatively different. The primary purpose and objective of General Lighting are to create a well-lit, comfortable ambience for regular work. In contrast, the primary purpose and objective of Accent Lighting are to draw focus on a certain part of a space. For example, General LED Lighting, like tube lights and lamps, creates a brightly lit environment. On the other hand, Accent LED Lighting, such as spotlights, downlights, and strip lights, highlights a small portion of the area.

Differences between General LED Lighting and Accent LED Lighting

There are several differences between General LED Lighting and Accent LED Lighting. For example,

  • Light Intensity: Comparing the lumens produced by General LED Lighting and Accent LED Lighting, General LED Lighting produces a higher amount than Accent LED Lighting. General LED Lighting provides intense illumination to cover a larger span of space. In contrast, Accent LED Lighting produces a lower amount of lumens to illuminate a limited area.
  • Power: Most commonly used General LED Lighting consumes about 5 to 12W. However, there are lower powered General LED Lighting as well. Accent LED Lighting is almost always low-powered, with a few exceptions.
  • Usage: General LED Lighting is for regular use, whereas Accent LED Lighting is used for ambient and task lighting. General LED Lighting lamps and tube lights are wall-mounted, whereas Accent LED Lighting can be mounted on any surface.

Popular General LED Lighting options

LED lighting as a whole is highly popular. However, there are certain styles of LED Lighting that are popular for General purposes. Such as,

  • Lamps: The Led lamp is equally popular as any other general-purpose LED light. These lamps produce a high amount of lumens, making them suitable for common purposes. These lamps prove to be equally efficient in all commercial and domestic spaces. These lamps are easily available in many sizes and warm or cool light options.
  • Tube lights and Battens: The LED tube lights and battens have a larger surface area. Therefore these lights can cover much bigger spaces efficiently. For example, one may need just a single high-powered tube light or batten for a small or moderate size room. Tube lights and battens are also available in warm or cool light options.
  • Ceiling and Panel Lights: Unlike the commonly wall-mounted Lamps, Tube lights, and Battens, these Ceiling, and Panel Lights are ceiling-mounted. The LED Ceiling and Panel lights are non-protruding, seamless lights. The LED Ceiling and Panel lights provide bright illumination and are glare-free. Ceiling and Panel lights are available in various sizes, styles, and shapes.

Popular Accent LED Lighting options

  • Strip Lights: Currently, most strip lights are LED lights. These strip lights are flexible strips of light, available in varied long lengths and colours. Strip lights can be used to create a backlight for a certain area. For example, strip lights can be installed behind any unique cabinet to create soft-lit ambient lighting. Strip lights are fairly easy to install without any assistance.
  • Down Lights: LED Downlights are smaller-sized lights similar to panels. However, Downlight produces a more muted illuminance. These Downlights are available in both round and square-cut panels and warm and cool lighting. These Downlights are suitable for task lighting and accent lighting. For example, Down Lights installed in the kitchen serve as a Task Light. Whereas Downlights installed inside a cabinet can serve as Task lights as well as Accent Light.
  • Spot Lights: Led Spot Light is a versatile accent lighting solution commonly used in commercial and domestic spaces. These Spot Lights are highly efficient lights that attract the viewer’s attention. Spot Lights are much brighter lights that emit a focused beam of light on a specific spot. For example, retailers use this variant of Accent Light to highlight mannequins or any unique products. Similarly, homeowners can use these Spot Lights over unique art pieces, decorations, and more to highlight them.


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