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In recent years, a new burglary method has been increasingly used by burglars, and many homes are not yet protected against this. The burglary method in question is knock-key burglary. Burglars use a modified key with which they can open almost all cylinder locks in a matter of seconds. The tricky thing about this burglary method is that no traces of forced entry are left behind. As a result, the occupant of the house will subsequently have problems with the insurance company, which will not pay out because there are no signs of forced entry to the house. This means that it is impossible to prove that there has been a break-in. 

  • How does the knock-key method work?
  • What can you do against this type of burglary?
  • Call in our local locksmith SW9

How does the knock-key method work?

The locksmith Brixton reports that the knock-key method is straightforward. Yet even the best locks are often not resistant to this clever method of burglary. With this method, the burglar uses a regular standard key that fits into the cylinder lock. This key is modified by making it slightly shorter and by filling out the grooves as far as possible. The burglar then forces the key into the lock and gives it a light tap. This knock causes all the pins in the lock, which prevent the cylinder from turning, from snapping into place at once, after which the lock can be opened. 

What can you do against this type of burglary?

Due to the speed and ease with which a burglar can enter your home, locks must be secured against knock-klocks, the internal mechanism is adjusted so that the pins in the lock can no longer be knocked into place at once. If you want to know whether your current lock is protected against this type of burglary, please contact our emergency locksmith. 

Call in our local locksmith SW9

Don’t know how to install a burglar-resistant strip? Or do you not think it is wise to do this yourself? Then contact our locksmith in Brixton. For our locksmith sw9, installing this burglary protection is a piece of cake. We do not only establish a burglar bar quickly but also in the right way. This way, you know for sure that a burglar has no chance to enter your house by pin balling. So you can leave your home with an easy mind, even if you don’t lock your front door. 

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