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Nigeria’s Financial Situation

Nigeria has over 186 million inhabitants, making it Africa’s most populous country and the world’s seventh most populous. By 2050, the population is expected to exceed 250 million, while the government already has the third-largest youth population and the world’s twentieth-largest economy.

A good measure of Nigeria’s growing prosperity is that gross domestic product per capita (per person) rose from $352 in 2001 to $3,222 in 2014, increasing about 900 percent! However, since 2014, the figure has fallen sharply to just under $2,000.

Despite Nigeria’s position as a relatively prosperous African country, most Nigerians would agree it is neither easy nor straightforward. Combining these challenges with the fact that it’s not impossible to get some spare cash together, you can see why Forex trading is becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria. However, despite this, plus the fact that Nigeria’s Forex traders are believed to be trading positions worth as much as $1.25 million a day on average, very few international Forex/CFD brokerages maintain a presence in Nigeria, so Nigerian Forex traders need more impartial guidance in this article.

Get Started with Forex in Nigeria

Follow these steps to reach the worldwide forex market:

  1. Get connections online. You can connect to a forex broker through any online device, but trade from a home office is usually good. You will take a lot of information to make investments, and all that information is easier to fit on multiple screens. Assure latency-free and robust connection.
  2. Choose a reputable broker. Your forex broker will connect you to the market. Because forex is a decentralized market with limited regulation, not every broker will come to you. Do the research and use first virtual accounts.
  3. Open the account. After picking the broker you like, follow the broker process to open the account. You’ll verify your identity and connect your account.
  4. Finance yourself. You need to make money! Fund your 3rd-party bank forex account, check, debit, or credit card.
  5. Install your platform. Many brokers have proprietary platforms. Some integrate with third-party providers. You’ll need to download trading software anyway. This is the user interface to make market investments.
  6. Benefit. That’s easier said than done, but a hardworking investor definitely can!

Best Online Trading Platform for Online Traders in Nigeria – the MetaTrader 5!

The MT5 gives aspiring Nigerian traders the edge to stay ahead of the curve at affordable rates.

MetaTrader 5 cost is one of the world’s leading trading platforms offering cross-platform mobility, real-volume traded data, and algorithmic and robotic trading features. Besides what was already provided in MT4, this platform is more powerful, specifically designed to help you make huge gains.

Launched in 2010, BroSol’s MT5 has quickly become the preferred choice of traders. Being an ultra-powerful multi-asset online trading platform, it gives online traders all necessary information and insights.

MetaTrader 5 packages:

  • Entering
  • Standard
  • Company

The platform is available in three different options, discussed below, and you can choose the one that best suits your business model and plans for dynamic growth.


The Entry license is a fully operational delivery plan for both start-up and small businesses. The support provides 1,000 real-account business capacity. In addition, mt5 brokers the central trade server provides high-performance service capability for both natural and demo accounts.


The Standard license offers 25,000 default real-account capacity reserves for your current business needs, sufficient to support dynamic growth. In addition, trade servers enable the ability to process distributed trades.

This license type allows you to organize your core business in a distributed way within one system for greater flexibility, productivity, performance, and reliability.

The Standard License is a cost-effective standard system delivery plan that would effectively exceed current and long-term future business capacity needs for most established medium-to-large size companies.


Enterprise license is a cost-effective ultimate system configuration plan with a 200,000 default real-account capacity reserve. This configuration plan is ready to fire the most demanding requirements for heavy-duty business capacity and includes a complete set of all available system components and a bunch of high-performance trade servers. In addition, enterprise licenses provided massive scaling and distributed processing power within one system to support all business operations.

This solution is ideal for large established institutions like banks and liquidity providers operating on multiple markets and serving a large and diverse customer base.


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