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Digestive Health Supplements Probiotics in NZ

Having digestion issues can often get embarrassing for people, and you want a probiotic health supplement that fixes your problems. This blog will help you learn about some of the best digestive health supplements NZ


  • CLINICIANS Flora Restore

  • RADIANCE Kids Probiotic – Strawberry


As the name suggests, it contains 75 Billion live organisms making it one of the best digestive health supplements in NZ. They achieve this by cultivating a high strength, multi-strain, clinically approved HOWARU RestoreĀ® probiotic blend.

By ingesting the 12 capsules, you can maintain a healthy gut flora, reboot your digestive system. People of all ages can take it from 2 to 80. The supplement is entirely safe for pregnant women/ women who are breastfeeding.

CLINICIANS Flora Restore

This is an oral probiotic supplement specially designed for women’s health to maintain their probiotic flora. Women often suffer from Vaginal and Urinary Tract infections which can be debilitating for them. This is best used in the case of

  • You’re going through antibacterial or antifungal therapy.

  • If you suspect there are vaginal & urinary tract problems.

  • Ensure a healthy balance of good bacteria.

Clinicians Flora Restore include two probiotic strains that have clinically shown to colonise, restore and maintain healthy urogenital flora.

Their focus on women’s health, which the medical industry often doesn’t focus on, makes them one of the best digestive enzyme supplements NZ.

RADIANCE Kids Probiotic – Strawberry

This is a probiotic drink focused on ensuring that kids’ overall digestive system runs smoothly. The new formula and a new bacterial strain, proven to be less allergic, make RADIANCE Kids probiotic the best digestive health supplement NZ.

If you’re a kid constantly suffering from digestive issues or is taking an antibiotic, you can be prescribed this supplement.


You have now learned about all the best digestive health supplements NZ and can now confidently go out to buy a probiotic product. It is essential to ensure that you maintain a healthy diet also to provide the best results.


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