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Top 5 Safety Tips for New Drivers in Dubai

Being a driver in Dubai is definitely a hard job as it is a crowded place full people with different languages and on top of that being new to the profession make it a lot more harder than anyone can think. New drivers usually panic in difficult situation because a single mistake or breaking single rule can not only make the situation dangerous but also they can receive the penalty from the government. Here are Top 5 Safety Tips for New Drivers in Dubai by which can truly help you while you are driving in Dubai.


Often when you are driving in the heavy traffic which is by the way is very common in Dubai you cannot seem to notice the distance between your vehicle and other’s and that’s where the problem begins. When don’t maintain the safe distance with other vehicle on the road means you are not ready for the emergencies that can happen or any road surprises and that can put you in the difficult situation. So always keep the safe distance between the vehicles.


Usually new drivers get confuse in which lane they are supposed to be in. when you are driving especially in Dubai you have to be really very careful with the rule and regulation and you cannot afford to be confused. All the lanes in Dubai are clearly marked and on the left most side the fastest lane is present which are for the fast drivers who drive on maximum allowed speed.


On every road in Dubai like everywhere in the world there is traffic signs which guide the drivers to drive through the roads. These sign are present in both Arabic and English to help both native and foreigners. As a new driver in Dubai the first thing you should do is to learn about these signs so you can drive safely.


When you are on road driving your vehicle it does not matter that you are new you are carrying the responsibility of your life as well as other’s surrounding you. You can’t afford to be distracted by anything whether it is message or your most important call or even by your own thoughts because road your only responsibility is to drive safely. When you drive on the road does not matter in Dubai or anywhere else your whole focus should be on the road.


If you by chance get stuck in the difficult situation the first that you should is to calm yourself because can’t do anything right when you are in panic state. So always remember to keep yourself calm no matter how difficult is the situation because panicking can do you no good. If you get stuck in traffic and you have to be somewhere on time or having emergency that requires you first calm yourself because shouting or screaming on another drive will do nothing but get you big penalty from government.


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