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Ten common bathroom renovation mistakes

We all want to make our bathrooms look great and oftentimes there are some ideas you want to implement for renovating the bathroom and your plan gets backfired.

This is where you need bathroom Renovations Auckland that will help you to avoid ten common mistakes which you will appreciate including, You can be your expertise but also need to avoid such mistakes to renovate bathrooms according to your desired needs.

1) Never go DIY:

Always hire professionals for bathroom renovations, if you try yourself there are chances of cracks might appear in plumbing. You can consult bathroom architecture or a designer to help you out in the complete renovation process.

2) Spatial planning:

Planning according to the space of the bathroom is very important. After all, it is the interior space that you use daily. Make sure to never fill the bathroom with unnecessary things only fit to make your dream bathroom come into reality.

3) The bad lighting:

Those LED lights do not work perfectly in bathrooms as they give shadow lines. You need to know that getting the right balance of lighting is essential and you can try to have atmospheric lighting that does not look too harsh.

4) Inadequate ventilation:

This one is essential because most people do not intend to install a window which is sadly a mistake. The air ventilation is important so it can help under floor heat to dry out quickly.

5) Mismatched fittings and fixtures:

One of the most common best bathroom renovations Auckland mistakes you need to avoid is never going with the same brand for fittings and fixtures. You can be a little creative and add cohesion like for tap and basin you can go for various sizes, styles, and heights to see what fits altogether.

6) Inadequate storage:

Storage is something that is often missed on the list while renovating bathrooms. It is important to think about what you want to store and your bathroom needs to be live-able for you to do make-up, cleaning, dirty laundry, and much more.

7) Unbalanced decoration:

If you have a small bathroom then you don’t want to make it feel messy or crowded. For decorating bathrooms, you can go for only three types of colours and different textures to make the overall decoration look appealing.

8) Removing the bath:

Removing the bathroom out of the house will affect its resale. It does not matter where the bathroom is located it will add more value as a standalone.

9) Poor drainage:

The wet area of the bathroom needs to slope towards the waste floor and allow water to drain away quickly. If the area is small then you use large tiles and workable floor tile size needs to be 250 x 250mm for linear floor waste.

10) Overspending:

For kitchen and bathroom renovations Auckland the most important mistake you should avoid is to consider any renovation under your budget. There are other ways to achieve your dream bathroom by going to a local trade store and looking online to get design ideas.

Spending too much might be risking you won’t get back your money eventually so always look for other alternatives.

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