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7 Key Features for Your B2B Ecommerce Site

Every brand owner and entrepreneur on this planet is willing to take their business to the next level to make higher profits than before. No matter what their business is, they all want a massive market share than ever before. And, they are looking for techniques to leave their rivals and competitors behind them, which is why they pore over unique marketing techniques.

From the beginning of the internet, it offers various solutions to the menfolk. Now, setting up the business in a digital world is the most common practice these days. It is not only because people are willing to have an online existence of their brand. But, it offers ultimate long-term benefits to businesses and also helps in generating more revenue.

However, when you decide to have your digital existence, the eCommerce platforms are one of the leading ways to display your brand goods and services. However, some firms think that B2B marketing is only restricted to a brick-and-mortar store, then it is not true.

The advent of the tech world allows wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers to sell their products through a B2B digital platform all over the world. The online existence of a business on the B2B platform such as eworldtrade helps consumers to buy products easily. And it allows organizations to sell more products, increase their reach, and save time.

If you want to show your business availability on a B2B platform and are tempting about the best features of a powerful B2B site, then this blog surely helps you. Let’s dive into this blog!

Elements For A Powerful B2B Ecommerce Site

Without any doubt, you can say the best eCommerce platform is one of the more modest ways to run reseller and wholesale transactions thru an eCommerce website. It offers numerous benefits to customers and businesses as well. But, you have to know not all B2B eCommerce platforms are fitted out to handle B2B transactions. So, choosing the right platform is one of the primary ways to accomplish a powerful B2B online venture.

Here are 7 key feature that must be considered for the best B2B platforms and they also offers the right tools that help to cater the more B2B shoppers.

    • Strict to customer segmentation process
    • Create customer specific-product catalog
    • Offer bulk discounts on Volume purchase
    • Enable restricted access
    • Minimum order quantity
  • Strict to customer segmentation process

In B2C, you have to know that customers are usually treated equally, but when it comes to B2B, the wholesalers generally deal in large orders that vary from customer to customer. That is why B2B companies have to classify their customers into groups. It gives a better understanding of your customers, and it even allows businesses to create specific content for each group in order to increase conversions. The segmenting process can customize the shopping cart experience as per their profile selection. You must have to categorize your B2B customers on the basis of their profiles that includes;

  • Geographical location
  • Catalog selection
  • Order volume
  • Reorder frequency
  • Create customer specific-product catalog

The second thing that you can consider is to specify the catalog based on customer type. As you read above, segmenting helps to personalize the shopping experience of your customer. When you create customize catalog, you have the authority to add different base prices for products in your catalog. This helps to assign these values to your specific customer profiles. Remember, for your B2B clients, there is must be a unique setup of products and pricing structure. So, it is essential to create a customer-specific product catalog for B2B clients.

  • Offer bulk discounts on Volume purchase

Usually, B2B shoppers buy a product in bulk quantities. So on the volume purchase offer discounts to your clients. It means while choosing a B2B platform, ensure that this platform must include the method to have the capacity to place quantity thresholds, which means it allows bulk discounts. Bulk orders will enhance the overall shopping experience. And, it is an intuitive way to order a large purchase of products from a website.

  • Enable restricted access

Sometimes it is essential to restrict access to your website in order to allow the pre-registered clients to access the content and products. However, you have to check the built-in functionality of your eCommerce website to set up the password, so requiring customers need to register themselves before they can access it. So, merchants have the authority to control the site’s visibility that empowers them to hide the prices and products from unregistered visitors.

  • Minimum order quantity

This is one of the most important features that a B2B platform must have to consider. It is because the minimum order quantity requirement allows the lowest quantity of some products that your brand is willing to sell. If the buyers cannot reach the minimum order quantity requirement, they are not allowed to place an order. It is common on various wholesale websites, or you can say that it is a requirement to reach the order at some quantity per product to place an order. So, you have to ensure that the platform you choose must allow B2B merchants to fix minimum order quantities per product. Your business must have some features like it allows merchants to place a minimum order quantity per product.

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