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A Wall mounted toilet is a futuristic item in the bathroom

A wall mounted toilet is the futuristic item in the bathroom

A wall mounted toilet is one that is securely fixed to the bathroom wall, as the name implies. Except for the bowl, the water tank, drain system, and other components are all hidden behind the wall. Because the water tank hides from view, the toilet can free up several inches of valuable floor space; which is especially useful for individuals who have a small bathroom.

A versatile appearance – check wall support

In comparison to the drab look of a standard floor-based toilet, a wall-mounted toilet may make a bathroom look fashionable and modern. It will also make sweeping and mopping the floor easier because the device does not have a heavy pedestal to stifle the cleaning operation. While it is easier to maintain on the outside; making plumbing repairs when needed will be more difficult; due to the fact that the majority of the toilet’s operational components are located inside the wall. With that in mind, if you have a leaking toilet or other toilet issues, you should always call a certified plumber or someone who is familiar with fixing such a toilet.

  • The adjustable height of the wall-mounted toilet is a key feature that distinguishes it from traditional toilets. Regardless of the user’s height or weight, a floor-based unit usually has the same set seat level. In the event of a wall-mounted unit, you have the option of adjusting the height to your preference. This is beneficial to households with elderly or disabled members. Even physically disabled people will have no trouble using a toilet that is mounted on the wall.
  • The new dual flush technology has used on the wall-mounted toilet. This flushing system uses larger traps to transfer trash quickly and efficiently while using less water. This means you’ll save money on your water costs in the long term, which is something that any homeowner would appreciate.
  • A wall-mounted toilet, like any other style of toilet; needs to install with care. Because it is where the major system components will mount; you must ensure that the wall is robust and powerful enough. It’s preferable to leave significant installation work like this to the pros so that the bathroom and toilet don’t get damage. Knowing this, always use a professional and certified installation to complete the job. If you don’t want to deal with expensive repairs later, never try to complete the installation on your own, even if it is possible.

A Durable solution – costly choice of wall mounted toilet

In bathrooms that were intended to support floor-mounted toilet bowls; plumbing accessories such as wall-mounted toilets are certainly more expensive to install. For starters, a part of the bathroom wall must remove in order to install the new toilet’s pipes and water tank. Furthermore, some homeowners are concerned that their wall-mounted toilet bowls may be too fragile; or weak to withstand the weight of anyone sitting on the “throne” (pun intended so).

These are valid concerns that can address quickly. When it comes to the price; consider it an investment that will pay for itself every time a visitor compliments the novelty of your toilet. Furthermore, the design allows you to clean the region beneath the bowl; which is typically the most difficult area to access when using a floor-mounted toilet bowl, making it tough to maintain clean and sanitary.

A wall-mounted frame can make all the difference when it comes to durability. The toilet assembly support by these frames; which are fixed on the wall. The toilet bowl can now handle weights of up to 1000 pounds thanks to this innovation. The toilet’s weight capacity, on the other hand, has usually determined by the model. As a result, you should choose a wall-hung toilet with a higher load capacity. You will be able to sleep better at night knowing that your toilet will not rip from the wall; when someone uses it if you do so.

Wall mounted toilet at the Royal Bathrooms

There are several manufacturers to pick from if you’re ready to install a wall-mounted toilet. However, you go with a brand that is famous for producing high-quality products and offering a service guarantee. In this case, conducting extensive internet research to ensure that you can effectively compare the pricing of various brands, and types of wall mounted bathroom toilet currently on the market is highly recommended. You’ll be able to discover the best price without sacrificing the quality of the wall mount toilet if you do it this way. Google now!


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