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10 Best Famous & Historical Places In Japan

Japan has grown to become among the best commercial facilities globally and a most discussed destination for vacationers. Crowded with a flourishing tourist business and also a good economy to boast about, the nation has come to take center stage on the planet.

This island paradise includes a few of the greatest historical places on Earth, and when you go to these areas, you fall in love. The history of a number of those historic places could be viewed posted in the business for everybody to read.

The list of 10 finest historical places to See in Japan:

1. Samurai Museum at Tokyo
2. Kamakura
3. Nikko, Japan
4. Shinjuku, Tokyo
5. Ni-chom
6. Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum
7. Nikko Toshogu Shrine
8. Taiyuan Temple
9. Tamozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park, Nikko
10. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

1. Samurai Museum at Tokyo

Japan’s rich history coming back from 800 decades back, has several previous Samaria fighters. In reality, the nation is keen on maintaining their Samurai history living; they constructed a whole museum devoted to its memory.

The Samurai Museum is situated in Tokyo City in the Shinjuku Kabukicho district. This spectacular museum place is nestled among appreciated resorts, bright lights, and busy roads where tourists and tourists traveling every day to begin their business.

2. Kamakura

Kamakura holds an important place in Western history. The Kamakura period officially began back in 1192 by army headman Minamoto no Yoritomo, who at the time was the very first shogun pioneer to take the place of prominence.

The start of the Kamakura period is an indication that indicated the initial motion of Japanese feudalism and the beginning of Samurai culture. It had been in 1333 the interval came to a conclusion where Imperial rule was then reestablished.

3. Nikko, Japan

Nikko city conveys the motto that states, “Nikko is Nippon,” meaning Nikko is the standard and exemplary Japanese destination nobody wants to overlook. Its place is in the mountainous area, and it has plenty of shrines and temples to make you feel just like Japan utilized to be like in previous decades.

To begin your grand tour of this historical website, you must first see the Toshogu shrine, at which you’ll locate the tomb of Tokugawa Ieyasu, that had been the creator and pioneer of the Tokugawa shogunate.

4. Shinjuku, Tokyo

Shinjuku is a most discussed place in Japan and other areas of the planet due to its commercial benefits. It consists of a variety of stores and entertainment facilities in addition to nightlife districts. Additionally, it houses Japan’s busiest rail station.

The 60s and 70s are reminders of those old times when political dissidents and beatniks stuffed the streets yelling protesting words in addition to singing songs of protest to ensure their ignorance could be said from the then ruling government. Get Southwest Airlines Tickets to find the best deals on tour packages with best hotels packages.

5. Ni-chom

A brief distance from the Shinjuku’s West Exit, you’ll come across the homosexual and lesbian district called Ni-chom. Contrary to other areas of the world in which homosexuality is prohibited, Japanese laws regarding the clinic are non-existing since there aren’t any anti-gay regulations handed.

However, regardless of the homosexual pursuits occurring in Ni-chom, many tourists and visitors find the right spot to hang out, particularly at night. In Ni-chom, there are a variety of clubs and more than 400 pubs present.

6. Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

The world understands that Tokyo has a number of the very awesome and stunning architectures found on Earth. Taking a motif tour of the nation’s capital is a perfect learning method about the kingdom’s history. The Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum is a sight worth researching. The memorial is situated on the border of Tokyo City.

If you reach there, you’ll be shown many outdoor historical buildings, a few of which are being maintained while other towers have been in the recovery procedure.

7. Nikko Toshogu Shrine

From the Nikko group of shrines, the Toshogu shrine has become the most famous. It is among the UNESCO World Heritage shrines. The grave of Tokugawa Ieyasu, who had been the first shogun throughout the Edo period, is determined by the interior of the Toshogu shrine, in which it stays in a calm state.

In 1936, builders built the shrine to make it seem just like what it is now — a vibrant architectural style spectacle making it stands out of the other shrines in the area.

8. Taiyuan Temple

Ranked as the following UNESCO World Heritage site, Taiyuan Temple stays comfortable on a mountainside at Nikko, Japan. It’s near the Toshogu shrine. Tokugawa Lemitsu, who has been the next reigning shogun, commissioned contractors to construct two crypts, one because of his heritage grandma Tokugawa Ieyasu and first shogun leader throughout the Edo era and another one for themself.

Not to embarrass his grandfather’s heritage nor lead to any criticizing throughout the Edo period, the next shogun gave directions to construct the Taiyuan Temple smaller and not as scenic looking than Toshogu shrine.

9. Tamozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park, Nikko

The Tamozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park is located in Nikko. It’s 106 rooms capability. And, it’s one of Japan’s most outstanding wooden-structure constructions still standing in the realm now. The playground includes a blend of Japanese and updated Western structures. This made it a favorite visiting destination for both locals and informed holidaying tourists into the area.

It was initially the home of family members of the Tokugawa relatives. The government of the playground afterward believed it better to move it into another location, and thus it ended in the town of Nikko, in which the temperature is cooler.

10. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

The Japanese and other countries around the globe can not forget what happened in Hiroshima through the war, and thus a memorial park was developed in remembrance of this day. In 1945, the Japanese people residing in Hiroshima went through an ordeal of terror since US warplanes dropped nuclear bombs, killing countless people and destroying many buildings.

The playground was created by a former metabolist school pro called Kenzo Tange, and the constructed construction website sits on a place where after a bustling business district was.


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