Writing Tech News Articles

Writing Tech News Articles

Technology articles for tech news are a dime a dozen, but what makes them different from regular “innovation” stories? There are a few key differences, of course. For starters, journalists who write tech news articles don’t have a degree in engineering. So they aren’t writing for their engineering majors, which is fine. The point of this article isn’t to say you shouldn’t hire an engineering major to write an article about technology – quite the opposite. But if you need a bit of help in that department, keep reading.

A tech news writer’s job is not so much to describe how a new technological system works as it is to describe how it can be used by ordinary folks. This is part of the mission of the news media, according to University of Michigan’s School of Journalism. “You’re writing about technology and its effect on the world and your audience. You’re trying to appeal to people so that they’ll decide to buy or do something about it,” says Jake Rosenberg, assistant professor at the school. If you’ve done enough reporting, you’ll realise that there is no easy way to win the readers’ heart just yet – but with a little help, you could make the right kind of impact on them.

One of the keys to writing tech articles is to think like an audience. That is, if you want your readers to buy or use your product, you need to think like them, and to tell them specifically what’s in it for them. In other words, what is it that would make them want to buy or use your product or service? And how do you tell that to the reader in a way that’s compelling enough to get him or her to click on your link?

The same holds true when writing news articles. Think about what your audience wants to know and what information you can provide. It may be that you have very specific knowledge about a particular industry; if that’s the case, you’ll want to keep that in mind when writing about it.

The same holds true if you’re writing about a new program or software that’s just been released. You should know exactly what you’re talking about, and you should also be able to explain it well. This will help you to not only attract readers to your article but to have them continue to read it as well. After all, who likes to read a news article that begins with a big question mark? If you’re writing about a new piece of software or a program that can make someone’s life better, your article needs to be as clear as possible.

A crucial part of writing tech articles is proofreading your work. Be sure to check your grammar and spelling. Ask yourself if you can write a cohesive sentence without the use of spelling errors. Check the facts that you’re reporting and be sure they’re supported by your sources. When readers see that you’ve taken the time to do this, they’ll know you took the time to do your research and that you know what you’re talking about.

Once your sources are complete, read your sources again. Make sure that they’re not biased. Bias is the reason why many readers turn away from news stories. When you’re writing about new products or software, it’s always a good idea to have some kind of stakeholder involved. Have someone who’s an expert on the product speak about it. That person might be the target of criticism from an unsatisfied customer, which could prove to be the source of valuable news.

Finally, don’t be afraid to mention your name. Even though you’re writing about technology, you should still have a human voice. Readers like it when they can tell that you’re an ordinary person. If you use your hobbies or interests as references, you might be able to create a more personal connection with your readers. This, along with your good information and well-written news stories, will make them eager to come back and read more of what you write.


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