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What Should You Consider While Hiring a Moving Company

Here, we discuss points that you need to consider while hiring a moving company. Along with cost, service quality should also be considered. Moving to a new home is always exciting. However, the process of relocation is highly strenuous. You need to pack the household belongings, load the truck, and hundreds of miles away. It is altogether a daunting task. But fret not. There’s plenty of help out there to make your entire moving process much simpler and stress-free.

The best way to relocate the home is to hire a professional mover. However, assigning a moving company the entire household belongings is not a child’s play and you need to ensure that the mover you have joined the hands with is a genuine one. How can you do that? Here, we discuss different points that you need to consider while hiring a moving compny to make the relocation process stress-free and comfortable.

It doesn’t matter whether you are hiring a moving company in Oregon or Wyoming; the points to note remain the same. You must research about the moving companies in the neighborhood or with experienced men. Check with friends, coworkers, or someone in the neighborhood who has recently moved in. The more references the bette

Consider asking the following people for references:

  • Friends
  • Coworkers
  • Neighbors
  • Local real estate agents

Research, research, research

Do not just limit your reference to a few men, instead of research as much as possible. The more you dig into the history of a moving company, the more information you could gather.

  • Yellow pages and classifieds in newspapers

As most moving companies will advertise in yellow pages and newspapers, searching them would be a great option.

  • Research on the Internet

Every good moving company will have a website or online presence. You can research for good movers online and will come across some of the best moving companies. However, before finalizing a deal with a moving company found online, you need to cross-check various factors such as:

  • Is the correct local address provided online
  • Are the contact numbers functioning
  • Does the website has a feedback section
  • Are the customer names genuine
  • Has the mover switched names recently
  • Is the local office situated in a decent neighborhood

Moving quote needs to be realistic

Do not hire a moving company just because the quote it offered is extremely low. This can be a trap for a scam. Ensure the moving company quote is realistic and agree to it only after you confirm that the moving company is a genuine one. Often moving companies practice hidden quotes, which mean additional charges will be added on a moving day. The quality of services is also crucial while you agree to a quote.

Is the moving company licensed and insured?

To move interstate, the mover needs to have a license. Ask for a DOT number and agree with the mover only after you confirm that the moving company is properly licensed. Also, you need to get the household items insured by the mover against damage or loss of property.

Get multiple competing moving quotes

Collect multiple moving company quotes as this strengthens your position to better negotiate. Also, when you have many moving cost estimates in hand, you can better understand the market rates and the services by each one. Compare them in detail for a better deal.

Ask more questions 

Before you sign a moving company quote, you need to clarify all your queries related to it. Usually, a mover considers the distance, fuel cost, volume of goods at home, the number of laborers required, and other factors like service type while preparing the moving cost estimate. It can also add the cost for goodwill and quality of service while giving the quote.

You need to ask questions as there can be several points that you fail to understand. And a contract needs to be signed only after you receive satisfying answers. The willingness to clarify your queries reflects the attitude of the company towards the customers.


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