Ultimate Guide to the f95 Forum

Ultimate Guide to the f95 Forum

The f95 forum, commonly abbreviated as F95, is one of the oldest and most popular online bulletin board systems in existence today. As many people have been using it since the 90’s, the f95 forum has accumulated a great deal of history, community and knowledge that would be worth experiencing for any individual who uses the internet on a daily basis.

In this article, we will review all aspects of the f95 forum and discuss its history as well as some tips and tricks that users can do to make their f95 forum experience more enjoyable and full-featured.

What is the f95 forum?

The forum is a nice medium between a chat room and a more personal message board. There are thousands of people from all over who have an interest in Fortran. You can communicate with others, read what others have written, or post your own thoughts on Fortran programming.

The community is an open group and there are many topics that require some degree of expertise, as well as some which are suitable for those new to Fortran. There are also topics covering more general programming matters as well as providing help for those who encounter any problems using various compilers or operating systems.

How do I sign up on the f95 forum?

In order to access a premium area on a forum, you need to either make a donation, or become a regular member of the forum. A regular member of a forum is someone who has been with that particular board for at least six months. While it’s not necessary for being active on forums, being a regular helps add value to your reputation, and in some cases will allow you exclusive access.

In order for us at F95Zone to determine if you’re eligible or not, simply send an email from your email address associated with your account requesting ‘premium membership’. One of our administrators will get back with you shortly.

How do I access the premium area on the f95 forum?

First, you’ll need a premium account. Premium accounts are free, however they are limited in functionality compared to pro accounts. To sign up for a premium account, you must have an existing pro account at least 30 days old.

Go here for instructions on how to apply for a pro membership. Once your membership is upgraded, return here and follow these instructions: You can find all links in one place by clicking premium at top right of any page on F95Zone.

How can I view all premium threads on the f95 forum?

Premium threads are available for all members who have purchased a premium subscription. To view these threads, log in and click on Threads I’ve Read at top-right of any page. All your premium threads will appear here, with links for you to preview or read each thread. You can also search for all posts made by premium members by searching Author is premium. New posts are added every 10 minutes so you should never miss out on any important information!

Where are my custom avatar photos located on the forum?

Log into your account and you will see a file icon at top right. Click on that icon and a drop down box will appear with 2 choices, one being avatar. Click on that, select upload from computer then click upload again. A new window will appear for you to choose photo from computer, find photo and open it for selection then click OK.

The file should be under 1mb but over 512kb as anything below may not show up correctly. Once uploaded it takes about an hour for it to be approved and if rejected you can try uploading another image or reposting as there is a limit of 2 avatars per member before having an admin approve it.


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