Study Abroad Opportunities in Australia for Indian Students

Australia is undoubtedly one of the best places to study for all International students as it offers high quality and higher education in all fields with a high job market in the world and study abroad in Australia.

Advantages of choosing Australia as a study destination :

  1. Recognition: The Australian Qualifications framework (AFQ) is a national policy that ensures there is a uniform and recognized progression for study.
  2. High-quality education system
  3. World-class research
  4. Student visa perks
  5. Foundation studies
  6. Accommodation: Australia welcomes students from all over the world and offers a range of living options.
  • Admission Process and Housing
  • Food
  • Indian Students and Australia
  • Implementing Student Visa

Admission Process and Housing

Hence, while preparing for admission to an Australian university, one must also consider ways to experience the simplest possible student life. In all probability, the foremost given advice to an Indian student going overseas is to be hospitable in making friends, especially since we are susceptible to feeling homesick due to our close family culture.

So let’s talk about some of the most important aspects of student life in Australia including housing, classroom and campus life, cost of living, recreational activities, health care, safety, and much more. If a student is staying in campus housing, you will have easy access to many academic resources and student clubs. These aren’t only an honest source of education but also inspire mingling with other students and develop good relationships.

Study abroad in Australia is not difficult or problematic for any individual. Some numerous grants and scholarships help students to get chances first to apply for a scholarship. The exams are the level tough to secure the admissions there. Best UK consultants in Delhi guide the students to take the necessary steps in doing so. A Study Abroad Consultant will find out the various means for the students.


Talking about food, one can erode the university cafeteria and if preferred, cook it reception. You can buy groceries from a nearby supermarket. The students even have the choice of eating at one among the various fast-food restaurants which are closer to college campuses.

The international students may find the school rooms in Australian universities a touch overwhelming since most of the scholars are becoming introduced to a replacement classroom culture abroad for the primary time. Asking questions from the instructors is encouraged here.

For the non-native English speakers, understanding the classroom discussions could seem compelling initially, but gradually they become a neighborhood of the classroom atmosphere. If the scholars practice taking note of the Australian English accent beforehand through various sources like YouTube, television, or podcasts, they will overcome this challenge comfortably.

Indian Students and Australia

According to government statistics, graduates from Australian universities landed a starting annual salary of AU$52,000 to 55,000 (INR 26,20,921 to 27,72,128) in 2014. In today’s times, it can go up to AU$70,000 (INR 35,281,63) also.

It depends on the kind of skill set they possess and the command over the English language which is a pre-requisite that decides the chances of landing a white/blue-collar job post completion of the studies. Networking helps too. The country boasts of a variety of high-ranking universities within the world offering a variety of high-quality popular courses.

As Indian students structure an honest chunk of foreign students in Australia, universities tend to try to do their utmost to be ready to attract Indian students to their classrooms. It is often expensive to review in Australia, on the other hand, there are several scholarship opportunities offered which will ease the financial burden.

Implementing Student Visa.

With the scholar visa, a student also can work part-time and may earn somewhere between $25 to $30 an hour (close to INR 1200 to 1500), counting on what kind of job you are in (read blue-collar jobs). He can also work full time during vacations and earn some more. This extra money can help to save and also take care of your living expenses to some extent.

The government here provides post-study work visas for international students. After finishing a university degree, students here can get practical work experience by working full time for a period of 18 months to four years. They can also apply for permanent residency.

Consequently, A makes up the most noteworthy pool of candidates to concentrate study abroad program in Australia. So, getting help for an abroad study scholarship may be easier than you thought. Educational expenses in Australia fluctuate from college to college. To concentrate study abroad in Australia, worldwide understudies are needed.

Best UK consultants in Delhi guide the students to take the necessary steps in doing so. A Study Abroad Consultant in Australia will find out the various means for the students. But there arises a lot of problems for any International student to acquire the abroad culture as well as abroad systematic norms to excel in their studies. And Admission is the best option for this consultancy regarding student’s careers as being the study abroad consultants in Delhi.



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