Secrets To Help You Do Marketing & Sales Effectively

Executing a good marketing strategy, not only helps businesses increase brand awareness, but also brings significant revenue efficiency. Conversely, if you do it wrong, it will be like you are throwing money out the window. For small businesses that are always under pressure for business results and cash flow, the right way to invest in marketing must be measured very carefully. This article shows effective marketing and sales tips that help startups increase sales, advertise better, and save more money.

The importance of images

Up to 85% of Internet users are more impressed with illustrations than regular text. That number speaks volumes about the hidden power of images in online marketing, especially for social media. It is true that having a good idea, attractive content is what makes the reader interested in the issue being written about. But to get the first attention, the accompanying illustration must look eye-catching and impressive.

Images in Online Marketing also carry the mission of conveying emotions to users. A beautiful and standard design is when capturing the psychology of the target customer group, using the right colors, the right theme, and the right structure will bring different emotions. Simply put, we will take for example a cosmetic brand or any other product derived from nature, the dominant blue color will bring the right feeling of safety, clean and benign. To create a sense of speed, convenience for fast and urgent delivery services, the design will use hot colors such as red or yellow. Thereby increasing the trust in services and products of customers for businesses.

Sincerely old customers

To grow their business, businesses tend to focus on finding new customers or expanding market segments. But attracting attention and taking care of existing customers is a very important issue, and very necessary to help your business grow sustainably. The secret to getting repeat sales from existing customers is to track the factors that positively influence customer behavior. For sales professionals, old and regular customers account for 80% of sales, the rest comes from new customers. Therefore, you should have many incentive programs, give discount codes, coupons to thank your old customers, this will pull customers to stay with you longer.

Helping customers feel valued: comes from each person’s need to be understood, respected, and honored. This can be done by simple actions such as: saving and remembering customer information, implementing customer loyalty programs, regularly sending emails to inquire about customer status. Surprise your clients: while work may be a factor in your relationship with your client, each of us has more to offer besides work. Just be a little observant, connect more with social networks and other tools, and you can know the special events of your customers. And a sincere birthday wish doesn’t have to be difficult, but can easily be your customer retention trump card.

Get customer feedback

If you are active in the e-commerce business, customer feedback and reviews are at the core of your marketing and sales strategies. In the current era, you have the power of technology and the Internet behind you, for the travel industry, this is a great thing, because thanks to that, there are many channels and means born to serve you. business activities. Because of that, customers can easily connect with businesses, and businesses can quickly collect feedback or reviews from customers.

For better or for worse, you’ll both need to know what your customers say about you. If you don’t give customers a place to comment or complain about you, they will find another place to do it, where you have little control over the authenticity of the content.

Advertise on multiple platforms

Customers are unlikely to accept to buy your product the first time they know about it. Usually, they will need a whole process of receiving and remembering your brand effectively through many other contacts. Therefore, you need to build your image on many different channels to ensure effectiveness. When customers see you everywhere, from Google to Facebook, from Youtube to outdoor design publications, you are more likely to be remembered when they have a problem that your product or service can solve. decide.

Think differently

Marketing trends have changed markedly in recent years. The emergence of digital platforms, search engines, or social networks. This creates ways to market with no cost. But because of such attraction, every business will surely jump into digital marketing, so the competition is extremely great. So like many factors that contribute to success, you also need to have a creative and different marketing mindset.

Promote the product before launch

Don’t wait until the actual release date to start telling people about your new product. Start promoting the product weeks before the actual launch – and help your target market recognize the name and/or product. Name recognition is key to getting customers to try your product – make sure your product name is already known in the market before it becomes available. Offer promotions, discount codes, coupons to attract customers right after the product launch.

Before launching your product, let a few key people use (and then write about) your product. Offering your product to bloggers, editors, journalists, and influencers is a great way to generate interest and interest in your product. Real users will provide testimonials about new products that are about to be released, thereby increasing customers’ willingness to follow your launch.

Listen to customers

Listening to customers to know their reactions is an effective tool when businesses want their products or business promotion plans, as well as their operating policies, to become more effective. Businesses cannot survive and develop if they do not listen to customers. Listen to customers to review and refine their suggestions and recommendations to make changes to improve customer service of the business. When a customer complains, the business’s salesperson or marketer must always be concerned. With a serious listening attitude, we will collect practical instructions from customers, these opinions are completely beneficial to the business.

In a conversation with a customer, a marketer or a salesperson must listen to what customers say, when they see you are listening, they will open their hearts, pour their hearts out, want to share, thereby being able to understand. customers, know what they are thinking, what they want. It is the respectful, accepting, non-objectionable attitude of the marketer or salesperson when listening that will create a closer, more friendly distance between them and the customer.


Above are the secrets shared by, many experienced experts in the field of sales & marketing. Hope the above information has helped readers to achieve better work efficiency. Good luck.

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