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What Salon Service at Home Changed?

There was a time when regular salons used to bustle with appointments and clients kept dropping in and for good measures it became normal thing for the people to wait for their turn even if it took them a couple of hours for their turn, all was acceptable. But with the advent of salon service at home industry, things seem to have taken a permanent U-turn. 

It was when people have plenty of time to kill, life has picked up quite a pace for almost a decade which has either pushed some business to the brink of extinction or they have modified themselves to better fit in with the current scenario. 

Let us have a look at the general problems of regular salons which were earlier accepted, but not anymore.

Waiting was normal.

When people loved their nearby parlour and its barber/groomer, they happily waited for their turn to come at the cost of spending hours in waiting. Whether it was the love of a personal bond developed with the barber/groomer or respect for his skills, the outcome was pretty much the same, an insane hours long wait. 


Needless to say, when so much of importance is given to an individual who is on average at his work, it falsely inflates them with a lot of arrogance and self-pride which becomes the cause of future troubles. This either led to over charging the customer or over confidence to retain the customer even after causing him deliberate misery. 

Local monopoly.

Till walking to a nearby salon was the only option that was preferred, it also created monopoly among regular salons in local pockets of an area which ultimately drove the customers crazy. Not following first come first serve but rather preferential treatment to the special customer with more spending capability or raising the prices of the services as when they willed. It wreaked havoc on the customer. 

While the list contains a dozen inferno created by regular salons, these three shall always take the top spot. This is what led to the development of salon at home services

Uniqueness of salon at home services

Salon at home services gave the frustrated customers a choice of options and it was instantly accepted and welcomed by the people in general.

It allowed people to book timely appointments at their convenience and comfort. Hence it eliminated the unnecessary wait time ideology to which most people have happily or unwillingly subscribed. 

This also checked the over confidence of the ever so average barber/beautician as it opened gateways to many more groomers who were more skilled and polite from the rest of the lot. Since it is a service-based industry which involves a direct customer relation, it has no space for ego or similar traits. 

With these massive positives being offered, people happily obliged and made salon service at home a part of their lives. 

With the growth of at home salon services, it not only curbed the monopoly of regular salons but it also threw them at the back foot and also forced many of them to side by side initiate a segment which provided salon at home in Delhi or at other places as well.


Prashant Kumar