pair with your food for insightful and engaging décor
Food and Drink

Pair with Your Food for Insightful and Engaging Décor

The best way to look at a room is through the eyes of an interior designer. They have a knack for pairing colors and textures that not only looks good but it also helps you think about how the space can be used. There are some simple rules to follow when pairing your décor with food: Combine complementary colors, like red and green; use contrasting textures, such as rough wood against smooth metal; or combine heavy and light pieces (i.e., a fluffy rug with sleek furniture).

By following these three guidelines, you’ll have an eye-catching dining area that will make guests feel more at home. Décor is a personal choice, but it can also say something about who you are. The colors and textures around us have the power to influence our feelings and moods. For example, if you’re feeling down or anxious, red might not be the best color for your décor because of its associations with anger and aggression.

Here at has some more information for pairing with your food for engaging decor.Purple might be better suited as it has been associated with royalty in many cultures throughout history.  This blog post will discuss how pairing your food with your décor can help create an environment that is more engaging for all senses!

  • Use a plate as an art piece
  • Hang plants in different heights to create visual interest
  • Place candles on the table for ambiance and fragrance
  • Add decorative pieces that reflect your personal style
  • Use a plate as an art piece

The beauty and simplicity of a plate is something that always catches my eye. Whether it’s the soft, creamy colors of an egg, or the way a fork lures you in with its sharpness, plates are just plain cool. What’s even cooler is when you use those plates as art pieces! I love to find old dishes around town at thrift stores and flea markets. They’re usually really cheap too! This week I found this two-tone brown dish for only $1.50! It was so cute with all the little flowers on it that I knew exactly what I wanted to do: make some kind of mosaic out of them using other little bits from my stash like buttons and beads.

  • Hang plants in different heights to create visual interest

Hanging plants from different heights is a great way to create visual interest in your garden. For example, if you are hanging vines on the back of a fence, hang some at eye level and others higher so they can grow up the wall.  If you have a porch or deck railing, try using planters that hang down just below eye level for an interesting look. Hanging plants has never been easier than with these nine easy steps!

  • Place candles on the table for ambiance and fragrance

Place candles on the table for ambiance and fragrance. Flickering light and sweet scents fill the air, setting a cozy mood that is perfect for date night or after-dinner drinks with friends. Candles are a great way to set the mood for a romantic evening. They also add ambiance, and their scent can be used to help improve your overall sense of well being. There are numerous scents available that will fit anyone’s preference from traditional fragrances like vanilla or lavender, to more exotic options like sandalwood or chai tea. The best part is that they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to find at most retail stores!

  • Add decorative pieces that reflect your personal style

Decorative pieces are a great way of adding personality to your home. They’re also relatively inexpensive and easy to install– not to mention, they make for amazing gifts! The best part about buying decorative pieces is that you can find something for every room in the house. And once you have them all up on the walls or shelves, it’s like having an interior designer come into your home and spruce things up without costing a fortune. Whether you like contemporary decor or prefer vintage furnishings, there’s a decorative piece out there for everyone!

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