40th Birthday Party

List of 40th Birthday Party Favors

40th birthday party favors aren’t required, since the event is for adults, but they are a wonderful gesture. They’re a thoughtful approach to express gratitude to the attendees for attending and contributing to the success of the party. Favors can also be used as a simple reminder of the good times had by all.

If you’re stumped as to what to offer as a gift at your upcoming birthday event, we’ve got a ton of terrific 40th birthday party favor ideas for you.

40th Birthday Party Favors to Think About

There are several aspects to consider when deciding which 40th birthday party favors to give out. Here are some things to keep in mind when you consider the best party favors for your event:


You’ll need enough favors to offer one to each of your guests. If you’re entertaining a large gathering, you’ll want to make the item modest, basic, and inexpensive. Keep a few spares on hand in case you get unexpected visitors.


 Party favors are a simple way to say thank you and don’t have to cost a lot of money. It’s reasonable to stick to a budget of $3 per item or less. You may want to spend a little more per person if you have a smaller, more personal guest list.


Consider something that matches or enhances the party’s theme or color scheme if you’re unclear what a decent favor would be for your occasion. Themed favors are a wonderful way to bring everything together and create a sense of coherence.


If you’re scrambling to come up with a last-minute favor suggestion, keep it simple. If you don’t have time, don’t try to do a DIY because you’ll wind up stressing yourself out.

Choose a favor that you can buy in bulk and package fast to keep things simple.


Consider how you’ll package and present the 40th birthday party treats you’ve selected. Many goods will look beautiful with only a bright ribbon, a nice label, or a present tag.

Adding fun packaging to them will show your visitors that you went above and beyond to personalize the favors.

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40th Birthday Party Favors with a Personal Touch

Having a simple party favor customized is a simple way to make it look more sophisticated.

You can customize a generic item bought in bulk from an internet merchant by adding specifics like the birthday celebrant’s name, the party date, and so on. Many businesses offer free or low-cost engraving on their products.

A lovely gift tag or label can also be used to write a pleasant note. This small detail will make the favor stand out and appear more special to the guests.

Favors for a 40th Birthday Party that are Practical

Party favors don’t have to be dull to be useful. Everyday objects can be cute and functional, and they will undoubtedly come in handy for visitors.

Consider one of the following 40th birthday party favor ideas:

  1.  Match Boxes
  2.  Bookmark Magnetic
  3.  Notepad for Fridge 
  4. Sunglasses 
  5. Monogram Notebook 
  6. Keychain / Key Ring
  7. Deck of Playing Cards 
  8. Hand Fan 
  9. Luggage Tag 
  10. Passport Holder

40th Birthday Party Favors with a Twist

Decorative favors are tiny keepsakes that guests can retain and display at home. They’re not only beautiful to look at, but they’re also treasured recollections of an occasion worth commemorating.

These lovely goods aren’t overly or extravagantly priced, yet they’ll be treasured for years to come:

  1. Dish with Trinkets
  2. A keepsake with a Purpose
  3. Ornament to Hang
  4. Photographic Frame
  5. Candle
  6. Holder for votive candles

Favors for a Garden Themed 40th Birthday Party

With a garden-themed party favor, you can encourage your guests to have a green thumb.

These basic items will assist partygoers in growing something lovely in their own homes:

  1. Flower Bulbs
  2. Small Potted Plant or Flower
  3. Mini Garden Gnome
  4. Individually Packaged Single Carnation
  5. Citronella Candle
  6. Mini Succulent Plant
  7. Flower Seed Pack
  8. Mini Cactus
  9. Gardening Gloves
  10. DIY Hanging Birdseed Party Favor
  11. Small Birdhouse

Favors for a 40th Birthday Party with a Kitchen Theme

While not everyone enjoys cooking, every guest can benefit from a unique or helpful kitchen item.

To bring out their inner chef or help them be a more inspired host or hostess, consider one of these kitchen-friendly 40th birthday favors:

  1. Wine Bottle Stopper
  2. Cheeseboard and Spreader
  3. Kitchen Hand Soap Bottle
  4. Cookie Cutters
  5. Wine Glass
  6. Bottle Opener
  7. Tea Infuser
  8. Coffee Mug or Tea Cup
  9. Fridge Magnets
  10. Coasters
  11. Tea Towel
  12. Measuring Spoons
  13. Spices, Seasonings, or Rubs
  14. Salt & Pepper Shakers

Personalize Your Party Favors with the Finishing Touches

Adding a personal touch to each favor with a tag or label is the final step. You can either print these or handwrite a brief note of gratitude and thanks on each one.

It’s a simple method to demonstrate that you put thought into making the favor unique.

Final Advice

While not required, 40th birthday party favors are thoughtful gestures that your guests will enjoy. A simple object can have a lot of importance, giving your guests something to look forward to long after the party is over.

Choose a pleasant and simple item that you can wrap neatly, personalize for a special touch, and give to guests before they leave. It’s a fantastic way to express gratitude for taking part in the festivities.


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