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5 Basics of Cross-Seasonal Styling

Transitional styling or cross-season dressing doesn’t have to be complicated but requires too much thought into bringing together comfort, elegance and sustainability. It’s more of being prepared for weather that’s starting to shift, picking colors that are not season-dominated and choosing fabric that lets you layer and breathe.

Few things that one should keep in mind for cross-styling are:

  • Think About Fabric: This is one of the most crucial aspects of dressing up. Indian brands and stylists have curated sections of summer wear, winter wear, spring wear and autumn wear. So, one can easily find linens, cottons, pastel shades etc. in summers, and bright crimson, cool cobalt for autumn collection. Thus, for your cross-seasonal styling, be well aware of the fabric you will be carrying around for comfortable and classic styling.
  • Think About Layers: Styling speaks a lot about well-thought-of layering and pulling it out well. Linen shrugs, or full-sleeves kurtas, are a great combination with denim and pants. It provides extra coverage as well as styling to your existing ensemble.
  • Think About Classic Pairing: A shirt dress with denim, leggings or trousers can be carried out well for various occasions. Be more thoughtful about wearing a print with neutral pairing. It’s important here to choose a primary clothing item and then pair the rest as per it.
  • Choice of Handbags: This one item completes the entire look with the right paring. One can choose from a collection of umpteen items as per the requirements.
  • Comfortable Footwear: You can always go in for great options of footwear for transitional styling. It can range from classic peep-toes to sandals or slip-on and mules. They should be selected, keeping in mind the ease and elegance of the wearer.

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