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HP V/S Toshiba What is different?

The range of laptops available by HP is amazing. Their affordable HP Pavilion 15 is an excellent first laptop. It’s also ideal for students looking for an affordable yet robust laptop. However there’s the fantastic Omen X, crafted for avid gamers.

Together with Chromebook 14G5 and Hybrids, HP covers almost all kinds of users. All of this is in combination with the competitive pricing and attractive designs that are already described. In addition, HP laptops are backed by a standard guarantee of one year. They also offer the support of a free phone number during the first 90 days.

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The company was established in 1939 by a group of people in Japan to be an electrical lamp producer, Toshiba has manifested into an enormous multinational corporation in the present. Today, they manufacture everything from laptops to televisions as well as railway-related control equipment. Toshiba products were named the fifth-largest laptop manufacturer globally between 2001 between 2001 and 2005.

But their market share dropped drastically following 2005. In the year 2016 Toshiba made it clear that they were phasing out the production of laptops intended for consumers, and concentrate in the market for business. Their most recent offerings include Portege (light thin, small laptops for business) as well as Tecra (solid corporate laptops).


Most laptops made by Toshiba come with seventh generation Intel Core processors. Alongside offering more speed when needed These chips provide improved performance in terms of visuals. The laptops’ displays are not very innovative. The display is available in 13.3 and 15.4 inches. However, higher models feature high-definition in full. They also come with an anti-glare coat.

Many users have reported they think the quality of resolution of these displays are impressive. However their brightness levels don’t correspond to those for Asus, Lenova, and HP. The entry-level series of Tecra models comes by the HDD (5400 in rpm). On the other hand the Portege line comes with fast Solid State drives. The majority of Toshiba laptops are equipped with a lithium-ion battery that has four cells.

The company has received favorable reviews from customers indicating longer battery longevity. However, there are reports of some problems with the batteries. According to those who have reported it they have reported that the batteries do not charge. This is why a majority users have sought for a replacement within the first few hours of the purchase.


If you take a look at their history, you’ll discover one aspect which has been a source of letting Toshiba down is their design. It was a joke to own an Toshiba laptop in any shade even if you had a black. True the latest models from Toshiba are charcoal, which is more than black. Incredible aesthetics isn’t something you can associate with Toshiba.

The reason for this could be their ability to focus on the more serious business market. If you look at their models for business with models from other brands, like Apple MacBook Pro and HP, HP Spectre and Apple MacBook Pro You’ll find that other brands are more attractive. While other brands are trying to shrink the size of their keyboard frames and the bezel edge, Toshiba models are still unobtrusive and large.


At one time, Toshiba had been praised as providing powerful laptops with affordable prices, even although they were basic in appearance. Since the company has changed its focus to the business market, prices have gone up. Nowadays, it’s impossible to find an Toshiba laptop that costs less than $250. Check hp laptop 14 inch screen price online

Their cheapest Tecra C50 laptop is available for purchase at more than 500 dollars. It’s more expensive than the Lenova IdeaPad 300 with similar specifications. However the Portege Z30C1320 is higher priced than the HP Spectre. If you compare them on similar specifications, Toshiba laptops are more expensive in comparison to HP as well as other laptops available there. Check the price of hp screen replacement.


Because they’re designed specifically for professionals and professionals, the Portege range is an extremely sturdy robust machine. It features a honeycomb design with magnesium alloy casings, it features an anti-shock body. Therefore, the laptops are more robust and endurance than other top brands. Both Portege as well as the Tecra laptops feature Toshiba’s Easyguard system. This prevents damage to crucial computer components from falling or spills.

Furthermore, Toshiba has enhanced heat-performance through the cooling system. It comes with a heat-busting element layout, intelligent airflow control and enhanced air-intake characteristics. Because of this, Toshiba laptops aren’t overheated.

What is it that makes Toshiba is different?

Is Toshiba a good laptop brand? Toshiba’s best-known feature is their slimmer product line designed for business use. You won’t see gaming laptops for consumers or gaming devices from Toshiba. The top-end Portege does not have the processor nor graphics card needed to play serious games.

Toshiba is an established brand focused on the business sector. They provide sturdy designs and a solid performance. However Toshiba’s models tend to be more expensive than comparable models.

Bottom line

Toshiba along with HP are two of the leading laptop manufacturers on the market. But when trying to figure which one is the best choice be sure to look at the comparison of Toshiba laptops vs HP laptops based on their specifications, performance and the specifications listed above. HP surpasses Toshiba in regards to design, innovation and cost. However, Toshiba beats HP where robust, simple business laptops are needed. If you take a close look at their specifications and performance, you can make a an informed choice based on the specific requirements of your business. So , which one should you choose? A Toshiba or an HP laptop?

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