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Doors that is Aesthetically Pleasing and Physically Strong

For most people, a door is much more than just a method to get from one room to another. It may not only provide a fashionable touch to your area, but it can also transmit the vibe of space before entering it. So, whereas most individuals just paint their doors, the style of door you choose has a significant effect.

Choosing the correct door for your house, let alone recognizing the subtle differences between each type, can be more difficult than it appears. Whereas many doors are classified as flush, panelled, glass, or louvred, each kind can be further subdivided based on pattern and the way they swing and shut.

It is more than just a decorative door. Doors are crucial to any room if you’re constructing a new house or renovating an existing one, and they can’t be overlooked. So we’re compiling a thorough collection of door styles to assist you in finding the best solution for your taste and surroundings.

What is a flush door?

Flush doors have simple facings on both sides and are the most basic door design. Flush Doors can be installed for both internal and external purposes. Flush Doors by themselves are not ready to install doors, and hence can be customized according to the preferences laid out by the customer. It can be either painted, polished or given a final pasting of laminate or veneer layer.

Flush doors have a solid core. The flush doors get their strength from the compactly placed solid wood batons placed as fillers with the frame. On top of the frame and fillers, a core layer is added followed by the face veneer layer.

Why should you prefer flush doors?

Here’s why you should use flush doors in the first place:

  1. A flush door has a solid and robust construction with solid wood fillers placed compactly as batons. This gives the flush doors strength.
  2. Flush doors are more commonly marketed as naked, which means they have not been polished, varnished, or painted. This provides you with more options for how you want to laminate or paint it to match the interior of your home.
  3. Flush doors are cost effective and durable, that makes them an ideal investment option
  4. Flush doors are lightweight and easy to install. Their setup does not need any specific expertise or equipment.

Why should you use CenturyDoors flush doors?

Flush doors from CenturyDoors are better than any other flush door on the market. In addition, century flush doors have a few extra-special features that make them a superior choice, some of these features are:

  1. Termite-proof

From stiles to rails, core to face, every layer of CenturyDoors flush doors is chemically treated to make them termite-proof. Local players, on the other hand, just use a termite-proof chemical to coat the final door, offering only surface-level termite protection, which is not the case with CenturyDoors.

2.  Longevity:

Rather than immediately pasting the face on the door frame that has been filled with solid wood fills, CenturyDoors’ flush doors incorporate an extra surface, the core veneer layer. There are two benefits to this. First, it improves the door’s durability and, because it’s veneer, it provides a nicer surface for the flush door.

3.  Kiln Seasoning:

Local players often rely on air drying to reduce the moisture content of the wood used to create Flush Doors, and as a result, they are unable to control the drying rate. In addition, if not properly cured, the resultant lumber used to construct the door may become weak and inefficient.

In combination with air drying, Century Doors employ kiln seasoning. Kiln seasoning is the technique of drying wood in a regulated atmosphere inside chambers over time. Therefore, Kiln Seasoning aids in the steady decrease of moisture levels in the wood while maintaining its molecular composition, guaranteeing that it stays robust and durable.


Flush doors are a superior solution. However, at a cheap cost, they may change the entire look of the area. We hope that this article has assisted you in selecting the appropriate door for your property.


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