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The Best Way To Become Chartered Accountant Under Right Guidance

Simple mathematical knowledge is enough to understand the syllabus under the CA program. Students who undergo the CA program feel easy about the subjects. The CA foundation syllabus seems easier and not much difficult to understand after completing the Higher Secondary course.

The pass in the foundation course examination is the prime eligible criteria to enter into the chartered accountant course. The four years after the six-month course and completing the foundation course will lead you another three years and the fourth year, along with the internship program to finalize your course duration. The Final year exams will be more straightforward under a recognized CA institution’s prospective training and coaching

The foundation course- first-year subjects:

Business laws, Business correspondence and reporting, Business mathematics, which has followed by the syllabus for the examination is;

  1. Principle and Practice of Accounting
  2. Business laws and business correspondence
  3. Business mathematics, logical reasoning
  4. Statistics

The second-year subject papers are: 

  1. Accounting,
  2. Business Laws, ethics and communication,
  3. Cost accounting & financial management,
  4. Taxation,
  5. Advanced Accounting,
  6. Auditing and Assurance,
  7. Information technology & strategic management

The third-year with the following papers:  

  1. Financial Reporting
  2. Strategic Financial Management
  3. Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics
  4. Corporate and Economic Laws
  5. Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation

6A. Risk Management

6B. Financial Services and Capital Markets

6C. International Taxation

6D. Economic Laws

6E. Global Financial Reporting Standards

6F. Multidisciplinary Case Study

  1. Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation
  2. Indirect Tax Laws

The subjects under CA final (fourth) year are:  

  1. Financial reporting,
  2. Strategic financial management,
  3. Advanced auditing and professional ethics,
  4. Corporate laws and economics laws,

Can I complete the CA course at a minimum cost?

The minimum cost involved to complete the course. Some flexible methods to pay the fees and the cost-effectiveness as better under some institutions. There are multi-dimensional methods in teaching, and the evaluation after every session of subjects will create the student stronger in subject understanding. In the later period, the student will meet the confidence level professionally.

Every individual has a unique identifier and has the potential to follow the subjects easily by their methods. Identifying methods that suit you for understanding the subject will be helpful to study the course. The best practices taught under simple concepts, and experienced mentors will create a good situation for studying the course.

To identify the best institution you have to check about:

  • The revision tests.
  • The mock test papers.
  • The evaluation of students on the go.
  • Live support under an academic year.
  • The dedicated subject tutors at their best-performing mentorship.

Completing Five years of dedication, including the foundation course for six months, is required to prepare you as a professional chartered accountant in India. The formal preparation for the CA foundation syllabus and the quality materials and expert mentors will make you more qualified with the best rankings. There is the best way to find out an ideal institution to undergo this chartered accountant course. Be the best student and become a best-ranked professional while you enter into the best institution.

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