Bathroom Renovations With Walk In Shower
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Bathroom Renovations With Walk In Shower

Irrespective of how big or small your bathroom is, you can always accommodate a walk-in shower. So it is necessary to come up with careful designing and planning for bathroom renovations Auckland.

This can ensure a better value of your home while you enjoy more space. First and foremost, to start redesigning your bathroom with a walk-in shower, it is necessary to get a better insight into the shower’s size and style.

Check Out The Various Options:-

When you choose to do bathroom renovations Auckland with walk-in showers, it is necessary to check the showers’ design and style. Before the installation is required, determine the look and feel you are looking for.

You can easily choose the best fixtures that match your decor with the style in your mind.

  • Shower Shape
  • Shower Doors
  • Shower Heads
  • Lighting
  • Shelves And Seating

Shower Shape:-

The shower shape you choose will depend on the space you can allot for the shower. Depending on the measurements, you can choose from the curved, square or tuck-in styles. The best option is to select a narrow hallway that can be fitted with the shower and lead to a closet.

Shower Doors:-

Shower doors are in. It helps to offer an illusion of more space. So when you choose bathroom renovations Auckland, these are the best choices to provide a clean and modern look.

The only drawback of these doors is that you will frequently clean them to ensure a timeless appeal. You can choose the designs using the seamless shower doors. Various color options are available.

Shower Heads:-

Different showerheads available in the market come with varying blends of color. A shower head can be the highlight of the design of the bathroom, so it is necessary to choose carefully.

The market offers everything that includes modern, classy and antique designs. The showerheads are available in different variants. Some are hand-held, whereas others are more stationary.

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One of the main elements of a walk-in shower is the proper lighting. It helps to offer significant effects on the overall look of the bathroom. So it is necessary to choose a bright variety at night and provide a softer mood in the morning.

You can add a ceiling or lights fixed on large shelves or even fitted on the walls. The main aim is to use it as a design element.

Shelves And Seating:-

A walk-in shower allows you to incorporate built-in shelves and offers seating options. You can choose a minimalistic design, or you can choose a more traditional option. It is necessary to select a design that complements your bathroom.


Choosing to do bathroom renovations Auckland can offer you a more classy and modern look. Here are various options available for installing walk-in showers while renovating the bathroom.


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